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All releases 2006

(Thin Lizzy) Diverse - A Tribute To Thin Lizzy (CD)
... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - So Divided (CD)
38 Special - Best Shots (CD)
Alice In Chains - The Essential (2CD)
Allman Brothers - Eat A Peach - Deluxe Edition (2CD)
America - Silent Letter / Alibi (Rem.) (CD)
Anathema - A Moment In Time (DVD)
Anathema - A Moment in Time (CD+DVD)
Anderson, Terry & The Olympic Ass-Kickin Team - Terry Anderson And The Olympic Ass-Kickin Team (CD)
Annihilator - Ten Years In Hell (2DVD)
Apocalyptica - The Live Burns Tour (DVD)
Apoptygma Berzerk - You And Me Against The World (CD)
Armstrong - The Other Half (CD)
Artimus Pyledriver - Artimus Pyledriver (CD)
Ashton, Gwyn - Prohibition (CD)
Atlanta Rhythm Section - Georgia Rhythm (CD)
Audioslave - Revelations (CD)
Axxis - Paradise In Flames (CD)
Ärzte - Bäst Of (2CD)
Babylon Bombs - Doin' You Nasty (CD)
Backyard Babies - People Like People Like People Like Us (CD)
Bad Religion - Live At The Palladium (DVD)
BAP - Amerika (2CD)
Beatles, the - Love (CD)
Beatles, the - Love (CD+DVD)
Bela B. (Die Ärzte) - Bingo (CD)
Betts, Dickey - Bougainvilleas Call-Very Best of 1973-1988 (CD)
Beyond Fear - Beyond Fear (CD)
Bif Naked - Superbeautifulmonster (CD)
Biker Lifestyle - Bike und Music Weekend Geiselwind 2006 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - European Bike Week 2006 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - 9. Gigantentreffen 2006 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Harley Stampede 2006 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - 10. internationale Biker Mania (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Hillclimbing European Championship 2006 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Boss Hoss 2006 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Hamburg Harley Days 2006 (DVD)
Billy Talent - Billy Talent 2 (CD)
Black Angels, The - Passover (CD)
Black Crowes, The - Lost Crowes, The (2CD)
Black Crowes, The - Freak‘N‘Roll ... Into The Fog (2CD)
Black Diamonds, The (Suede Brothers) - The Black Diamonds (CD)
Black Keys - Magic Potion (CD)
Black Label Society - The European Invasion Doom Troopin' (2DVD)
Black Sabbath - Greatest Hits 1970-1978 (CD)
Blackmail - Aerial View (CD)
Blindside Blues Band - Long Hard Road (CD)
Blues Band - Thank You Brother Ray (CD)
Body Count - The Smoke-Out Festival (DVD+CD)
Bolin, Tommy - Whips And Roses 2 (CD)
Bonamassa, Joe - You And Me (CD)
Born From Pain - War (CD)
Bosshoss, The - Rodeo Radio (CD)
Bottle Rockets - Zoysia (CD)
Brand New Sin - Tequila (CD)
Buckcherry - 15 (CD)
Bullet - Heading For The Top (CD)
Burdon, Eric - Wild & Wicked (CD)
Bush, Kate - Under Review (DVD)
Cactus - V (CD)
Cale, J.J. - Anyway The Wind Blows - The Anthology (2CD)
Cale, J.J. & Eric Clapton - The Road To Escondido (CD)
Campbell, Vivian (Def Leppard/Whitesnake/Dio) - Two Sides Of If (CD)
Canned Heat - Instrumentals 1967-69 (CD)
Canned Heat+Henry Vestine & The Heat Brothers - Human Condition Revisited + I Used To Be Mad (But Now I´m Half Crazy) (2CD)
Captain Beefheart - Under Review (DVD)
Carburetors, The - Loud Enough to Raise the Dead (CD)
Carswell, Neil (Copperhead) - Good Man's Journey (CD)
Casey, Rich - No Way Out (CD)
Cash, Johnny - The Essential Johnny Cash (CD)
Cave, Nick - Maximum Nick Cave (CD)
Celtic Frost - Monotheist (CD)
CFM - Face In The Mirror (CD)
Cheap Trick - Rock Ford (CD)
Cheaters, The - Cheaters L.P. (CD)
Chicken Shack - I’d Rather Go Live (Remastered) (CD)
Chris Jagger´s Atcha! - Act Of Faith (CD)
Coerver, Tom & Goin´ South - Thirds... & More (CD)
Coheed & Cambria - Last Supper: Live At The Hammerstein Ballroom (DVD)
Collective Soul - Home: A Live Concert Recording With The Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (2CD)
Collective Soul - Home: A Live Concert Recording With The Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (DVD)
Corbett, John - John Corbett (CD)
Corvus Corax - Cantus Buranus - Live in Berlin (DVD)
Corvus Corax - Venus Vina Musica (CD)
Corvus Corax - Cantus Buranus - Live in Berlin (CD)
Cowboy Mouth - Voodoo Shoppe (CD)
Crystal Palace - Acoustic Years (CD)
Cuba Missouri - This Year's Lucky Charms (CD)
Cummings, Albert - Working Man (CD)
Dark Age - Live, So Far ... (2DVD)
De/Vision - Best Of (2CD)
Deadstring Brothers - Starving Winter Report (CD)
Dear Hunter, The - Act I: The Lake South, The River North (CD)
Deep Purple - Live In Montreux (CD)
Def Leppard - Yeah! (CD)
Derek Trucks Band - Songlines Live (PAL Version) (DVD)
Derek Trucks Band - Songlines - Live (NTSC Version) (DVD)
Derek Trucks Band - Songlines (CD)
Diablo Swing Orchestra - The Butcher's Ballroom (CD)
Die Happy - No Nuts No Glory (CD)
Diecast - Internal Revolution (CD)
Dio - Holy Diver Live (2CD)
Dio - Holy Diver Live (DVD)
Dirt Road Logic - Great Lake Heart Ache (CD)
Diverse - Krautrock - Music For Your Brain (6CD)
Diverse - Home Grown & Hand Picked (CD)
Diverse - Into the Darkness Vol.4 (DVD)
Diverse - Schattenreich Vol. 3 (2CD)
Diverse - Country & Western 10er Set (CD-Box)
Diverse - Nackt Vom Fünfer (CD)
Diverse - Gigantour Live 2005 (2cd)
Diverse - Sounds Great Edit 04 (CD)
Diverse - Rock´s Cool (DVD)
Diverse - Coachella (2DVD)
Diverse - American Roadsongs 10er Set (CD-Box)
Diverse - Into the Darkness Vol.3 (DVD)
Diverse - Rock´n´Roll 10er Set (CD-Box)
Dixie Witch - Smoke & Mirrors (CD)
Doc Holliday - Rebel Souls (CD)
Doro - Warrior Soul (CD)
Dream Theater - Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour Live With The Octavarium Orchestra (3CD)
Dream Theater - Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour Live With The Octavarium Orchestra (2DVD)
Dredg - Live at the Fillmore (CD)
Drive-By Truckers - A Blessing And A Curse (CD)
Dylan, Bob - Modern Times (CD)
Eagles Of Death Metal - Death By Sexy (CD)
Edguy - Rocket Ride (CD)
Elis - Griefshire (CD)
Elms - The Chess Hotel (CD)
End Of Green - Dead End Dreaming (CD)
Europe - Secret Society (CD)
Evanescence - The Open Door (CD)
Faithless - To All New Arrivals (CD)
Falco, Carter - If It Ain´t One Thing (CD)
Farin Urlaub - Livealbum Of Death (CD)
Faster Pussycat - Power & The Glory Hole (CD)
Fehlfarben - 26 1/2 (CD)
Fenech, P.Paul - The F Word (CD)
FHM - Diverse - Best Of Rock (CD)
Five Horse Johnson - The Mystery Spot (CD)
Flock, The - The Best Of The Flock (CD)
Flower Kings - Instant Delivery (2DVD)
Fogerty, John - Long Road Home - In Concert (DVD)
Fogerty, John - Long Road Home - In Concert (2CD)
Foghat - Classic Foghat (CD)
Foreigner - Extended Versions (CD)
Four Points Gang - Rhythm & Booze (MCD)
Frampton, Peter - Fingerprints (CD)
Freak Flag - Freak Flag (CD)
Free - Live At The BBC (2CD)
Frei.Wild - Mitten ins Herz (CD)
Frost* - Milliontown (CD)
Gallagher, Rory - Live At Montreux (2DVD)
Gallagher, Rory - Live At The Cork Opera House 1987 (DVD)
Gallagher, Rory - Live At Montreux (CD)
Gang Loco - Hit The Ground (CD)
Geschichte der Harley - Die inoffizielle Geschichte der Harley-Davidson Motorräder (DVD)
Gilmour, David - On An Island (CD)
Glyder - Glyder (CD)
Gotthard - Made In Switzerland (Live) (CD+DVD)
Gov‘t Mule - High & Mighty (CD)
Gov‘t Mule - The Best Of The Capricorn Years (2CD)
Grand Funk Railroad - Greatest Hits (CD+DVD)
Guru Guru - Don’t Call Us (We Call You) (2CD)
Guru Guru - Shake Well (CD)
Guru Guru - Wahwah (CD)
Harper, Ben - Both Sides Of The Gun (2CD)
Hartwell, Geoff - Perfect Stranger (CD)
Hayseed Dixie - No Sleep ´Til Liverpool (DVD)
Healey, Jeff - It's Tight Like That (CD)
Henderson, David - Das Leben von Jimi Hendrix - 'Scuse me while I kiss the Sky (BUCH)
Henrik Freischlader Band - The Blues (CD)
HIM - Uneasy Listening Vol.1 (CD)
Hooker, John Lee - Hooker (4CD)
Hughes, Glenn - Music For The Divine (CD)
Hulett, Ralph & Prochnicky, Jerry - Whole Lotta Led - Unsere Reise mit Led Zeppelin (BUCH)
In Extremo - Kein Blick zurück (CD)
Incubus - Light Grenades (CD)
Indigenous - Chasing The Sun (CD)
Institute - Distort Yourself (CD)
Inzaine - Introducing Inzaine (MCD)
IQ - Stage (2DVD)
Iron Maiden - Death On The Road - Live (2CD)
Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death (CD)
Iron Maiden - Death On The Road (3DVD)
Jam, The - Direction, Reaction, Creation (5CD+BUCH)
Jeans, Wes - Forest Of The Pine (CD)
Jeff Scheetz Band - Live! (DVD)
Jenkins, Brandon - VII (CD)
Jennings, Shooter - Live at Irving Plaza 04.18.06 (CD)
Jennings, Shooter - Electric Rodeo (CD)
Jet - Shine On (CD)
Jett, Joan - Sinner (CD)
Johnson, Jay Jesse - Strange Imagination (CD)
Jones, Danko - Sleep Is the Enemy (CD)
Joyce Hotel - Limits (CD)
Judas Priest - The Essential (2CD)
Judas Priest - Live Vengeance ´82 (DVD)
Juliette and the Licks - Four On The Floor (CD)
Kansas - Works In Progress (CD+DVD)
Kante - Die Tiere sind unruhig (CDX)
Katon, Michael - MK (CD)
Kentucky Headhunters - Flying Under The Radar (CD)
Kid Rock - Live Trucker (CD)
Killers, The - Sam's Town (CD)
Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies (CD)
Kilmister, Lemmy - Lemmy - White Line Fever - Die Autobiographie (BUCH)
Kings Of Nuthin, The - Punkrock, Rhythm & Blues (CD)
Klee - Zwischen Himmel und Erde (CD)
Knight, Chris - Enough Rope (CD)
Kongo Skulls - Asshole (CD)
Korn - Live & Rare (CD)
Kris Heaton Blues Band - Runaway Train (CD)
Krokus - Hellraiser (CD)
Lacuna Coil - Karmacode (CD)
Lake - The Blast of Silence (CD)
Lana Lane - 10th Anniversary Concert (DVD+CD)
Lang, Jonny - Turn Around (CD)
Layman, Harold - The Coca Cola Routeman (CD)
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Last Man Standing (CD)
Lightnin´Hopkins - Nothin´But The Blues (CD)
Lindenberg, Udo - Die Kollektion 1971 - 1982 (4CD-Box)
Lister, Aynsley /Erja Lyytinen / Ian Parker - Pilgrimage - Mississippi To Memphis (CD)
Little Walter - Blues With A Feeling (CD)
Live - Songs From The Black Mountain (CD)
Lofgren, Nils - Sacred Weapon (CD)
Lopez, Lance - Simplify Your Vision (CD)
Los Terribles De Tijuana - Cerveza Por Favor (CD)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gimme Back My Bullets - Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD)
Lyytinen, Erja - Dreamland Blues (CD)
Mad Sin - Teachin The Goodies (CD)
Madsen - Goodbye Logik (CD)
Mandala - 14943 (Digi-CD)
Mando Diao - Ode To Ochrasy (CD)
Mannhai - Hellroad Caravan (CD)
Manowar - The Sons Of Odin (CD)
Marino, Frank - From The Hip (CD)
Mars Volta, The - Amputechture (CD)
Mastodon - Blood Mountain (CD)
Mastodon - Call Of The Mastodon (CD)
Mastodon - Workhorse Chronicles (DVD)
Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell 3 - The Monster Is Loose (CD)
Metallica - The Videos 1989-2004 (DVD)
Meteors - Meteor Club: Video Nasty (DVD)
Ministry - Rio Grande Blood (CD)
Mississippi Mudsharks - Train Rolls On (CD)
Moonspell - Memorial (CD)
Moore, Gary - Old New Ballads Blues (CD)
Moore, Gary & Friends - One Night In Dublin - A Tribute To Phil Lynott (DVD)
Mos Generator - Late Great Planet Earth (CD)
Motörhead - Kiss Of Death-Limited Edition (CD)
Motörhead - Kiss Of Death (CD)
Mötley Crüe - Carnival Of Sins: Live, Vols. 1- 2 (2CD)
Mötley Crüe - Carnival Of Sins: Live (2DVD)
Mötley Crüe & Neil Strauss - The Dirt: Sie wollten Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll: Die aberwitzige Geschichte von Mötley Crüe (BUCH)
Mystic Circle - The Bloody Path of God (CD)
Nirvana - In Utero: A Classic Album Under Review (DVD)
No Justice - No Justice (CD)
Ohrenfeindt - Schmutzige Liebe Remaster 2006 +3 (CD)
Omar & The Howlers - Bamboozled - Live In Germany (CD)
Oomph! - Best Of Virgin Years (CD+DVD)
Oomph! - Glaube, Liebe, Tod (CD)
Oomph! - Best Of Virgin Years (CD)
P.O.D. - Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years (CD)
P.O.D. - Testify (CD)
Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam (CD)
Peeping Tom - Peeping Tom (CD)
Pell, Axel Rudi - Mystica (CD)
Petty, Tom - Highway Companion (CD)
Placebo - Meds (CD)
Plankton - 3 (2CD)
Plankton - Rare Tracks - 1998-2005 (CD)
Poison - The Best Of Poison: 20 Years Of Rock (CD)
Popa Chubby - Stealing The Devil´s Guitar (CD)
Portugal The Man - Waiter: ”You, vultures!” (CD)
Poul Halberg Power Trio - Strange Brew (CD)
Powers, Michael - Prodigal Son (CD)
Presley, Elvis - ‘68 Comeback - Special Edition (DVD)
Proto-Kaw - The Wait Of Glory (CD)
Proto-Kaw - The Wait Of Glory (CD+DVD)
Psychopunch - Kamikaze Love Reducer (CD)
Quatro, Suzi - Back To The Drive (CD)
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime II (CD)
Radiators - Dreaming Out Loud (CD)
Rage - Speak Of The Dead (CD)
Rammstein - Völkerball (DVD+CD)
Randolph, Robert & The Family Band - Colorblind (CD)
Rebel Meets Rebel - Rebel Meets Rebel (CD)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (2CD)
Rhino Bucket - And Then It Got Ugly (CD)
Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight - Libertyville (CD)
Robertson, Sherman - Guitar Man Live (CD)
Robot Lords Of Tokyo - Robot Lords Of Tokyo (CD)
Rolling Stones - Under Review 1962 - 1966 (DVD)
Rose Hill Drive - Rose Hill Drive (CD)
Rush - Gold (2CD)
Ryder, Mitch - The Acquitted Idiot (CD)
Saga - Trust (CD)
Saga - Trust (CD+DVD)
Saga - Remember When - The Very Best Of Saga (2CD)
Saint Thomas - There's Only One Of Me (CD)
Satriani, Joe - Super Colossal (CD)
Saxon - The Eagle Has Landed III (2CD)
Saxon - Lionheart - Special Edition (CD+DVD)
Schöwe, Andreas - World Tour 1980-2006. All Access / All Excess - Rock Stars unlizensiert (BUCH)
Schrottgrenze - Chateau Schrottgrenze (CD)
Scrapomatic (The Derek Trucks Band) - Alligator Love Cry (CD)
Seger, Bob - Face The Promise (CD)
Selby, Mark - Otis - And The Horse He Rode In On (CD)
Sepultura - Dante XXI (CD)
Shiner Twins - All In Store (CD)
Siena Root - Kaleidoscope - Live At ROJ (CD)
Sister Hazel - Absolutely (CD)
Skreppers, The - Pain In The Right Place (CD)
Slayer - Christ Illusion (CD)
Slipknot - Vol. 3: The Subluminal Verses (2CD)
Smith, Michael Buffalo - Something Heavy (CD)
Smiths, The - Under Review (DVD)
Snow Patrol - Eyes Open (CD)
Solefald - Black For Death (An Icelandic Odyssey Part II) (CD)
Sonny Moorman & The Dogs - Live At The Cincy Blues Fest (CD)
Southern Gentlemen - Third Time Is The Charm (CD)
Speedbuggy USA - Valle De La Muerta (CD)
Spock’s Beard - Spock’s Beard (CD)
Springsteen, Bruce - We Shall Overcome - The Seeger Sessions (CD+DVD)
Staind - Singles Collection 1996 - 2006 (CD)
Staind - The Videos (DVD)
State Radio - Us Against The Crown (CD)
Steepwater Band, The - Revelation Sunday (CD)
Sterne, Die - Räuber und Gedärm (CD)
Subway To Sally - Nackt (CD+DVD)
Sugar Mountain - In the Raw (CD)
Sunstorm (Joe Lynn Turner / Pink Cream 69) - Sunstorm (CD)
Survivor - Reach (CD)
System Of A Down - Dehumanize (DVD)
Tankard - The Beauty And The Beer (CD)
Texabilly Rockets - Bop Potion Nr. 5 (CD)
Therapy? - One Cure Fits All (CD)
Thin Lizzy - Vagabonds, Kings, Warriors, Angels (4CD+BUCH)
Thorogood, George & The Destroyers - The Hard Stuff (CD)
Thunder - Robert Johnson's Tombstone (CD)
Tocotronic - Pure Vernunft darf niemals siegen (CD)
Tognoni, Rob - Ironyard Revisited (CD)
Tomlinson, Trent - Country Is My Rock (CD)
Tomte - Buchstaben Über der Stadt (CD)
Too Slim & The Taildraggers - Fortune Teller (CD)
Tool - 10.000 Days (CD)
Travers, Pat - P.T.Power Trio 2 (CD)
Tricky Lobsters - Untouched (CD)
Tristania - Illumination (CD)
Trouble - Live In Stockholm (DVD)
Trout, Walter - Full Circle (CD)
Turner, Eddie - The Turner Diaries (CD)
Turner, Joe - Jumpin´Tonight (CD)
Type O Negative - Symphony For The Devil (DVD+CD)
U.F.O. - The Monkey Puzzle (CD)
U2 - 18 Singles (CD)
U2 - 18 Videos (DVD)
UFO - The Monkey Puzzle (CD)
Umphrey´s McGee - Safety In Numbers (CD)
Umphrey´s McGee - Jam In The Dam (2DVD)
Urban, Keith - Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing (CD)
Uriah Heep - The Very Best Of (CD)
Uriah Heep - Easy Livin´ (CD)
Vanden Plas - Christ O (CD)
Velvet Underground - Under Review (DVD)
Walker, T-Bone - Blues With A Feeling (CD)
Warrant - Born Again (CD)
West, Leslie - Alligator (CD)
West, Leslie - Theme (CD)
West, Leslie - Blue Me (CD)
White (Yes / Asia) - White (CD)
White Cowbell Oklahoma - Casa Diablo (CD)
Whitesnake - Live ... In The Shadow Of The Blues (2CD)
Widespread Panic - Earth To America (CD)
Widespread Panic - Earth To Atlanta (2DVD)
Williams, Jason "Lefty" - Big Plans (CD)
Wishbone Ash - Clan Destiny (CD)
Wishbone Ash - New England / Front Page News (2CD)
Wishbone Ash - Live Affairs (2CD)
Witt, Joachim - Bayreuth 3 (CD)
Wolfmother - Wolfmother (CD)
Wonder, Stevie - At The Close Of A Century (4CD+BUCH)
Yes - Essentially Yes (5CD)
Young, Neil - Living With War (CD)
Young, Neil & Crazy Horse - Live At The Fillmore East 1970 (CD)
Zeraphine - Still (CD)
Zombie, Rob - Educated Horses (CD)
Zombie, Rob - Hellbilly Deluxe - Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD)
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