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Gov't Mule Featuring John Scofield

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All releases 2007

2raumwohnung - 36 Grad (CD)
69 Eyes, The - Angels (CDX)
7 Days Awake - Time Fluctuations (CD)
Abigails Ghost - Selling Insincerity (CD)
AC/DC - Plug Me In (2DVD)
AC/DC - Highway To Hell: A Classic Album Under Review (DVD)
AC/DC - Back In Black - Ultimate Critical Review (DVD)
Adams, Ryan - Easy Tiger (CD)
Adrenaline Factor - Adrenaline Factor (2CD)
Against Me! - New Wave (CD)
Airbourne - Runnin' Wild (CD)
Allen, Russel & Lande, Jorn - The Revenge (CD)
Allman Brothers Band - Boston Common 8-17-71 (CD)
Allman Brothers Band - Live At Jazz Fest 2007 (2CD)
Ambitions - Stranger (CD)
American Dog - Hard (CD)
Anajo - Hallo, wer kennt hier eigentlich wen? (CD+DVD)
Apoptygma Berzerk - The Singles Collection REMASTERED (CD)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Welcome To Earth (CD)
Apoptygma Berzerk - 7 (Seven) REMASTERED (CD)
Apoptygma Berzerk - APBL 2000 REMASTERED (CD)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Harmonizer (CD)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Soli Deo Gloria (CD)
Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (CD)
Armatrading, Joan - Into The Blues (CD)
Artimus Pyle - Artimus Venomous (CD)
Ashbury - Endless Skies (CD)
ASP - Requiembryo (2CD)
Astral Doors - New Revelation (CD)
Atlanta Rhythm Section - Champagne Jam Live (DVD+CD)
Automag - Hellbound (CD)
Ärzte - Jazz ist Anders (inkl. 3-Track Bonus-Download-EP) (CD)
Ärzte - Vollkommen Gefangen Im Schattenreich Von Die Ärzte (DVD)
Babyshambles - Shotter´s Nation (CD)
Backdraft - Second Coming (CD)
Baroness - Red Album (CD)
Bart Crow Band - Finally (CD)
Beatallica - Sgt. Hetfield´s Motorbreath Pub (CD)
Beatles, the - Help! (The Movie) - Standard Edition (2DVD)
Beatles, the - Help! - The Movie - Deluxe Edition (DVD-Box)
Beatsteaks - Limbo Messiah (CD)
Bell, Eric (Thin Lizzy) - Thin Lizzy Blues (CD)
Betts, Dickey & Great Southern - The Official Bootleg (2CD)
Big Chris Gates & Gatesville - Ain’t It Grand (CD)
Big Shanty - Ride With The Wind (CD)
Biker Lifestyle - 10. Gigantentreffen 2007 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Bike and Music Weekend 2007 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Custombike 2007 ()
Biker Lifestyle - Mallorca Bike Week 2007 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - European Bike Week 2007 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Boss Hoss - 3. internationale Rallye 2007 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Harley Stampede 2007 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Hillclimbing 2007 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Biker Mania 2007 (DVD)
Billy Lee Janey Band - Soul Driver (CD)
Billy Talent - 666 Live (DVD+CD)
Black Label Society - Shot to Hell (CD)
Black Light Burns - Cruel Melody (CD)
Black Sabbath - The Dio Years (CD)
Black Stone Cherry - Black Stone Cherry (CD)
Blackfield (Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson) - Blackfield II (CD)
Blackfoot - Train Train (CD+DVD)
Blindstone - Manifesto (CD)
Blitzen Trapper - Wild Mountain Nation (CD)
Bloc Party - A Weekend In The City (CD)
Blood Arm, The - Lie Lover Lie (CD)
Blood Of The Sun - In Blood We Rock (CD)
Blue Cheer - What doesn´t kill you (CD)
Blue Rockin - Rockin Boogie Trash (CD)
Blue Rodeo - Small Miracles (CD)
Blues Collective - Muddy Water Fever (CD)
Blunt, James - All The Lost Souls (CD)
Bon Jovi - Lost Highway: The Concert (DVD)
Bon Jovi - Lost Highway (CD)
Bon Jovi - Transmissions (CD)
Bonamassa, Joe - Sloe Gin (CD)
Bonebag - Noli Me Tangere (CD)
Bones, The - Burnout Boulevard (CD)
Bosshoss, The - Stallion Battalion (CD)
Bounty Hunter Gang - Separate Roads (CD)
Bramhall, Doyle - Is It News (CD)
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The - Wolfgang´s Big Night Out (CD)
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The - One Rockin´Night (DVD)
Britta Persson - Top Quality Bones And A Little Terrorist (CD)
Brooks & Dunn - Cowboy Town (CD)
Broonzy, Big Bill - The Essential Blue Archive: Pre War Years (Vol. 1) (CD)
Buckcherry - Buckcherry - Special Edition (CD+DVD)
Buckley, Jeff - So Real, Songs From Jeff Buckley (CD)
Buddaheads - Raw (CD)
Buffett, Jimmy - Live In Anguilla (2CD+DVD)
Cactus - Cactus Live (DVD)
Caipyranhas - Kind Of Trouble (CD)
Caipyranhas - Kind Of Trouble (CD)
Casanovas - All Night Long (CD)
Casey, Rich - House Of Cards (CD)
Cash, Johnny - Ring of Fire: The Legend of Johnny Cash Vol.II (3CD)
Charles, Ray - The Essential Blue Archive: The soul of a man (CD)
Charlie Daniels Band - Volunteer Jam Movie (DVD)
Charlie Daniels Band - Deuces (CD)
Chris Duarte Group - Blue Velocity (CD)
Cinel, J.C. - Before My Eyes (CD)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Some Loud Thunder (CD)
Clapton, Eric - Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007 (2DVD)
Clapton, Eric - Complete Clapton (2CD)
Clapton, Eric & Friends - Live 1986 (DVD)
Coheed & Cambria - Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 2: No World For Tomorrow - Deluxe Ed. (CD+DVD)
Cold War Kids - Robbers and Cowards (CD)
Collective Soul - Afterwords (CD)
Cook, Eli - ElectricHolyFireWater (CD)
Cooper Temple Clause, The - Make This Your Own (CD)
Cornell, Chris - Carry on (CD)
Cornett, Jimmy - Rhythm Of Hells Songs Of Angels History (CD)
Crescent Shield - The Last Of My Kind (CD)
Cribs, The - Men’s Needs, Woman’s Needs, whatever (CD)
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Back To Tulsa: Live And Loud At Cain´s Ballroom (2CD)
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Mission California (CD)
Crow Jail Alley - Truth Sin And Believe (EP)
Crüxshadows, The - Dreamcypher (CD)
Crystalairs - Early Years 2, And Then, They Sang Again (CD)
Cuba Missouri - Things I Wish I Had Not Called Just Things (CD)
Cult, The - Born Into This (CD)
Cult, The - New York City (Live At The Fillmore East Nyc) (DVD)
Daybreakdown - Shine Like Rust (CD)
Deadstring Brothers - Silver Mountain (CD)
Dear Hunter, The - Act II: The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading (CD)
Deep Purple - Live At Montreux 2006 (2DVD)
Deine Lakaien - 20 Years of Electronic Avantgarde (2CD)
Delta Moon - Clear Blue Flame (CD)
Diesel Dust - Ghost Dance (CD)
Dinosaur Jr. - Beyond (CD)
Dirty Looks - Gasoline (CD)
Discharge - Why (Digi) (CD)
Diverse - Live Earth - Concerts For A Climate In Crisis (2DVD+CD)
Diverse - Hit after Hit (CD)
Diverse - Best of Five - Hamburg Harley Days 2003 - 2007 (CD)
Diverse - M´Era Luna 2007 (2CD)
Diverse - Country - WildWest, Lifestyle & Music (4CD+BUCH)
Diverse - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell (CD)
Diverse - Bad Boys For Life - Volume 3 (2DVD)
Diverse - Into the Darkness Vol.5 (DVD)
Diverse - An All-Star Tribute To Lynyrd Skynyrd (CD)
Diverse - Paid In Black - A Tribute To Johnny Cash (CD)
Diverse - Bikers Paradise (Ltd. Ed.) (3CD)
Diverse - Bikers Paradise (3CD)
Diverse - Hell Comes Around (CD)
Doors, the - Live From The Boston Arena 1970 (3CD)
Drake, Nick - Under Review: The Man And His Music (DVD)
Duran Duran - Red Carpet Massacre (CD)
Dykes, Omar Kent & Jimmie Vaughan - On The Jimmy Reed Highway (CD)
Eagles - Long Road Out of Eden (2CD)
Earle, Steve - Washington Square Serenade (CD)
Edmondson, Bleu - Lost Boy (CD)
Electro Baby - Electro Baby (CD)
Elvenking - The Scythe (CD)
Endstand - Spark (CD)
Erickson, Craig - Big Highway (CD)
Erickson, Craig - Rare Tracks (CD)
Etheridge, Melissa - The Awakening (CD)
Europe - Live In Sweden (DVD)
Fair To Midland - Fables Of A Mayfly: What I Tell You 3 Times Is Tru (CD)
Falco - Hoch wie nie (2CD)
Fall Out Boy - Infinity on High (CD)
Fates Warning - No Exit (25th Anniversary) (CD+DVD)
Ferry, Brian - Dylanesque (CD)
Films, The - Don't Dance Rattlesnake (CD)
Finkenauer - Beste Welt/Ltd.Edition (CD)
Finntroll - Ur Jordens Djup (CD)
Fleur Fatale, La - Night Generation (CD)
Flower Kings - The Road Back Home (2CD)
Flower Kings - The Sum Of No Evil (CD)
Flynnville Train - Flynnville Train (CD)
Fogerty, John - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of the Songs of John Fogerty (CD)
Fogerty, John - Revival (CD)
Foggy Mountain Rockers & Rebels Revenge - Revenge Of The Rockers - Live At Harmonie Bonn (CD)
Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (CD)
Ford, Marc - Weary And Wired (CD)
Ford, Robben - Truth (CD)
Fratellis, The - Costello Music (CD)
Gales, Eric - The Psychedlic Underground (CD)
Gathering, The - A Noise Severe (CD)
General Store - Vision of Diversity (CD)
Genesis - Live Over Europe 2007 (2CD)
Genesis - 1983 - 1998 (CD+DVD)
Gentleman’s Pistols - Gentleman’s Pistols (CD)
Gerry Lee & The Wanted Men - The 1st 100 Years (CD)
Ghost Riders - Back to the Rock (CD)
Gilmour, David - Remember that Night - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2DVD)
Glyder - Playground For Live (CD)
GMT (Bernie Torme, Ian Gillan) - Bitter & Twisted (CD)
Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival (CD)
Good, The Bad And The Queen, The - The Good, The Bad And The Queen (CD)
Goon Moon - Lickers Last Leg (CD)
Gorillaz - D-Sides (2CD)
Gotthard - Domino Effect (CD)
Gov‘t Mule - Mighty High (CD)
Gov‘t Mule - A Tail Of Two Cities (2DVD)
Grave Digger - Liberty Or Death (CD)
Great White - Back To The Rhythm (CD)
Grinderman - Grinderman (Jewelcase) (CD)
Grönemeyer, Herbert - 12 (CD)
Hambridge, Tom & The Rattlesnakes - Live (CD)
Hammer Down - Spend It Like Money (CD)
Hanoi Rocks - Street Poetry (CD)
Harmonia - Live 1974 (CD)
Haste The Day - Pressure The Hinges (CD)
Hayseed Dixie - Weapons Of Grass Destruction (CD)
Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath) - Live From Radio City Music Hall (DVD+2CD)
Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath) - Live From Radio City Music Hall (2CD)
Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath) - Live From Radio City Music Hall (DVD)
Helloween - Live In Sao Paulo (2CD)
Helloween - Gambling With The Devil (CD)
Helloween - Gambling With The Devil (2CD)
Hellyeah - Hellyeah (CD)
Henrik Freischlader Band - Get Closer (CD)
Hermano - Into The Exam Room (CD)
HIM - Venus Doom (CD)
HIM - Uneasy Listening Vol.2 (CD)
HIM - Uneasy Listening Vol.1 & 2 (2CD)
Hives, The - The Black And White Album (CD)
Hoge, Will - Draw The Curtains (CD)
Hold Steady, The - Boys and Girls in America (CD)
Holt, Scott - From Lettsworth To Legend: A Tribute To Buddy Guy (CD)
Hooker, John Lee - Boom Boom - Remastered (CD)
Hooker, John Lee - Chill Out - Remastered (CD)
Howlin' Wolf - Live In Europe (CD)
Hughes, Gary - Veritas (CD)
Hunter, Ian (Mott The Hoople) - Shrunken Heads (CD)
Hydromatics, The - The Earth Is Shaking (CD)
Incubus - Look Alive (DVD)
Inmates, The - Silverio / The heat Of The Night (2CD)
Interstate Blues - Redemption (CD)
Isbell, Jason - Sirens of the Ditch (CD)
Itchy Poopzkid - Time To Ignite (CD)
Jaded Heart - Sinister Mind (CD)
Jason Ricci And New Blood - Rocket Number 9 (CD)
Jenkins, Brandon - Unmended (CD)
Jennings, Shooter - The Wolf (CD)
Jethro Tull - Live At Montreux 2003 (DVD)
Jethro Tull - Best of Acoustic Jethro Tull (CD)
Jethro Tull - Live At Montreux 2003 (2CD)
JJ Grey & Mofro - Country Ghetto (CD)
John, Elton - Elton 60 - Live At Madison Square Garden (2DVD+CD)
Jones, Rickie Lee - The Sermon On Exposition Boulevard (CD)
Jorn - Live In America (CD)
Josh Rouse - Country Mouse, City House (CD)
Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob (CD)
Kamchatka - Volume II (CD)
Katon, Michael - Live - On The Prowl (CD)
Kärbholz - Spiel des Lebens (CD)
Kentucky Boys - Blue Train To Darkness (CD)
Kickhunter - Little Monsters (CD)
Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus (CD)
Killers, The - Sawdust (CD)
King, Albert - The Heat Of The Blues (2CD)
Kings Of Leon - Because Of The Times (CD)
Klostermann, Chuck - Fargo Rock City (BUCH)
Knight Area - Under A New Sign (CD)
Knopfler, Mark - Kill To Get Crimson (CD)
Knorkator - Das Nächste Album aller Zeiten (CD)
Knowles, Davy & Back Door Slam - Roll Away (CD)
Korn - Untitled (CD)
Korn - MTV Unplugged (CD)
Kris Heaton Blues Band - She Ain't Right (CD)
Krupps, Die - Too much History Vol. 1 - The Electro Years (CD)
Krupps, Die - Too Much History (2CD)
Krypteria - Bloodangel‘s Cry (CD)
Kula Shaker - Strangefolk (CD)
Kunze, Heinz Rudolf - Klare Verhältnisse (CD)
Lage, Klaus - Zug um Zug (CD)
Lambros, Gus & Electric Mud - Bad Gamble (CD)
Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same - Special Edition (2DVD)
Led Zeppelin - Mothership (2CD+DVD)
Letzte Instanz - Das Weiße Lied (CD)
Leverty, Bill - Southern Exposure (CD)
Limited Booze Boys - Sex Booze & Rock‘n Roll (CD)
Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight (CD)
Lister, Aynsley - Upside Down (CD)
Little Man Tate - About What You Know (CD)
Lizard feat. Bruce Brookshire (Doc Holliday) - Live Zeltspektakel 8.10.2004 (CD)
Lizard feat. Bruce Brookshire (Doc Holliday) - Live Zeltspektakel 8.10.2004 (DVD)
Lopez, Lance - Higher Ground (CD)
Lopez, Lance - Live (CD)
Los Prolos - Bestial (CD)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Live From Austin, TX (DVD)
Macdonald, Amy - This Is Life (CD)
Machine Head - The Blackening (CD)
MacIntyre, Andy - Set Me Free (CD)
Mad Sin - 20 Years in Sin Sin (2CD)
Magnum - Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow (CD)
Maks & The Minors - Movin' Out (CD)
Mama Sweet - Welcome To The Well (CD)
Man - Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day + 2 (CD)
Mando Diao - Never Seen The Light Of Day (CD)
Manowar - Gods Of War (CD)
Marillion - Somewhere Else (CD)
Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me (CD)
Marshall Tucker Band - Carolina Dreams Tour 77 (DVD+2CDBox)
Masterplan - Mk II (CD)
Matthews, Iain - Contact (CD+DVD)
Matthews, Iain - Pure And Crooked/ Skeleton Key (2CD)
Maximo Park - Our Earthly Pleasures (CD)
Mayall, John - Live From Austin, TX (CD)
McCartney, Paul - The McCartney Years (3DVD)
McCartney, Paul - Memory Almost Full (CD)
McGarvey, Ryan - Forward In Reverse (CD)
McIntosh, Jimmy (Ronnie Wood / Jeff Beck) - From New Orleans To London (CD)
McKeon, Scott - Can't Take No More (CD)
Mellencamp, John - Freedom's Road (CD)
Mellencamp, John - 20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection (CD)
Meteors - Hymns For The Hellbound (CD)
Michelle Darkness - Brand New Drug (CD)
Milloy - More Than A Machine (CD)
Ministry - The Last Sucker (Ltd. Ed.) (CD)
Molly Hatchet - Flirtin with Disaster Live (CD+DVD)
Molly Hatchet - Flirtin With Disaster - Live (CD)
Molly Hatchet - Flirtin With Disaster - Live (DVD)
Mom’s Rocket - Mom’s Rocket (CD)
Monster Magnet - 4-Way-Diablo (CD)
Moonsorrow - Viides Luku - Hävitetty/Chapter V-Ravaged (CD)
Moore, Gary - Definitive Montreux Collection (2DVD)
Moore, Gary - Close As You Get (CD)
Morgan, Karl - Talkin' With The Hands (CD)
Morrison, Van - Still On Top (2CD)
Morse, Neal - Sola Scriptura (CD)
Mos Generator - Vault Sessions (CD)
Motion Picture - I‘m Not There (DVD)
Motörhead - Better Motörhead Than Dead: Live At Hammersmith (2CD)
Mountain - Masters Of War (CD)
Mountain Of Power - Mountain Of Power - Vol.1 (CD)
Mozely Rose - The New Brew (CD)
Mudvayne - By The People, For The People (CD)
Naked Lunch - This Atom Heart Of Ours (CD)
Nalls, Jimmy - No Stranger To The Blues (CD)
Natchez - Catch The Spirit (CD)
National Dust - Road is my home (CD)
Natural Breakdown - Inside The One (CD)
Necro - Death Rap (CD)
New Model Army - High (CD)
Nightwish - Dark Passion Play (CD)
Nik Turner’s Sphynx - Xitintoday - Remastered (CD)
Nine Inch Nails - Live - Beside You In Time (DVD)
Nine Inch Nails - Y34rz3r0r3mix3d (Year Zero Remixed) (2CD)
Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero (CD)
Nirvana - MTV Unplugged in New York (DVD)
North Mississippi Allstars - Keep On Marchin‘ (DVD)
Nugent, Ted - Love Grenade (CD)
Nugent, Ted - Love Grenade (CD)
Oasis - Lord Don´t Slow Me Down (2DVD)
Oasis - Morning Glory: A Classic Album Under Review (DVD)
Ocean, The - Precambrian (2CD)
Oceansize - Frames (CD)
Oceansize - Frames - Special Ed. (CD+DVD)
Ohrenfeindt - Mit Vollgas & Blaulicht (CD)
Old Union - Forgiveness Or Permission (CD)
OM - Pilgrimage (CD)
Osbourne, Ozzy - Black Rain (CD)
Outformation - Traveler´s Rest (CD)
Overall, Robin - Shadowlands (CD)
Pain of Salvation - Scarsick (CD)
Paradise Lost - In Requiem (CD)
Parker, Ian - Where I Belong (CD)
Peacocks, The - Touch And Go (CD)
Pearl Jam - Immagine In Cornice (DVD)
Pearl Jam - Live At The Gorge 05/06 (7CD)
Pell, Axel Rudi - Diamonds Unlocked (CD)
Peter Pan Speedrock - Pursuit Until Capture (CD)
Petty, Tom - Running Down A Dream (3DVD+CD)
Philiae - Propaganda (CD)
Pinboys - Teenage Wasteland (CD)
Pink Floyd - Oh, By The Way - The Mini Vinyl Studio Box Set (16CD-Box)
Pitts, Joe - Just A Matter Of Time (CD)
Plant, Robert / Alison Krauss - Raising Sand (CD)
Poison - Poison'd (CD)
Popa Chubby - Electric Chubbyland (3CD)
Popovic, Ana - Still Making History (CD)
Powell, Leroy - Leroy Powell (CD)
Powertrane - Beyond The Sound (CD)
Pretty Things - Balboa Island (CD)
Priestess - Hello Master (CD)
Procol Harum - Best Of - Secrets Of The Hive (2CD)
Pure Reason Revolution - Dark Third (2CD)
Queen - Queen Rock Montreal (2CD)
Queen - Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid (2DVD)
Queens Of The Stone Age - Era Vulgaris (CD)
Queensryche - Mindcrime At The Moore (2CD)
Queensryche - Sign Of The Times: Best Of (CD)
Qui - Love’s Miracle (CD)
R.E.M. - Live (2CD+DVD)
Radiohead - In Rainbows (CD)
Ramones - It´s Alive (2DVD)
Ramones - Weird Tales Of The Ramones (3CD+DVD-Box)
Rebel Pride Band - backin´ it up (CD)
Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin (CD)
Reed, Jimmy - Ain`t That Lovin´ You Baby (CD)
REO Speedwagon - Find Your Own Way Home (CD)
Richie Arndt & The Bluenatics - Rorymania (CD)
Ricky Kings, The - Happy Horse Elastic (CD)
Riefenstahl - Instinkt (CD)
Robinson, Chris & Rich (The Black Crowes) - Brothers Of A Feather - Live At The Roxy (CD+DVD)
Robinson, Chris & Rich (The Black Crowes) - Brothers Of A Feather - Live At The Roxy (CD)
Rocko Schamoni & Little Machine - Rocko Schamoni & Little Machine (CD)
Rodgers, Paul - Live In Glasgow (CD)
Rodgers, Paul - Live In Glasgow (DVD)
Rolling Stones - Biggest Bang (4DVD)
Rolling Stones - Under Review 1967-1969 (DVD)
Roots Of Infinity - Trigonometry (CD)
Roth, Jürgen & Sailer, Michael - Deep Purple - Die Geschichte einer Band (BUCH)
Ruddess, Jordan - Road Home (CD)
Rush - Snakes & Arrows (CD)
Sahm, Doug - Live From Austin, TX (CD)
Sahm, Doug - Live From Austin, TX (DVD)
Salas, Stevie - The Sun And The Earth Vol. 1 (2CD)
Sas, Julian - Resurrection (CD)
Saturday Looks Good To Me - Fill Up The Room (CD)
Saxon - The Very Best Of Saxon (3CD)
Saxon - Transmissions (CD)
Saxon - To Hell And Back Again (2DVD)
Saxon - The Inner Sanctum (CD)
Schofield, Matt - Ear To The Ground (CD)
Scorpions - Humanity- Hour 1 (CD)
Scorpions - Live At Wacken Open Air 2006 (DVD)
Scott Wiggins Band - Burn (CD)
Setzer, Brian - Red, Hot & Live! (CD)
Setzer, Brian & The Nashvillains - Red Hot & Live (CD)
Shadow Gallery - Prime Cuts (CD)
Shakra - Infected (CD)
Shins, The - Wincing The Night Away (CD)
Sieges Even - Paramount (CD)
Since The Flood - No Compromise (CD)
Sinner - Mask of Sanity (CDX)
Sister Hazel - Bam! Vol. 1 (CD)
Sister Hazel - Santa’s Playlist (CD)
Sixth Floor - Wide Open (CD)
Skew Siskin - Peacebreaker (CD)
Skinny Puppy - Mythmaker (CD)
Slade - Anthology 1969-1991 (4CD-Box)
Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist (CD)
Smith, Patti - Twelve (CD)
Smith, Russell And The Amazing Rhythm Aces - Midnight Communion (CD)
Sonata Arctica - Unia (CD)
Sonic´s Rendezvous Band - SRB (6CD)
Soul Doctor - Blood Runs Cold (CD)
Sparta - Threes (CD+DVD)
Spice & The RJ Band - Will (CD)
Springsteen, Bruce - Under Review 1978 -1982: Tales Of The Working Man (DVD)
Springsteen, Bruce - Magic (CD)
Status Quo - In Search Of The Fourth Chord (2CD)
Steckel, Eric - Early Pickin’ (CD)
Stein, Michael und Lichter, Michael - Born To Be Wild (4CD+BUCH)
Stereoside - So Long (CD)
Stooges, The - The Weirdness (CD)
Stoppok - Hits 1997 - 2007 (CD)
Strassenjungs - Strassenfeger: Die Hit-Box! (CD)
STS - Neuer Morgen (CD)
Subway To Sally - Bastard (CD)
Suede Brothers - Suede Brothers (CD)
Suhler, Jim & Monkey Beat - Tijuana Bible (CD)
Sunny Bottom Boys - Keep On The Sunny Side (CD)
Sunny Bottom Boys - Keep On The Sunny Side (CD)
Super 400 - 3 And The Beast (CD)
Surrounded - The Nautilus Years (CD)
Sylvan - Presets (CD)
Symphorce - Become Death (CD)
T. Ebeling / Chrom & Flammen - Wild Thing - Muscle Cars & Rock Classics (4CD + Buch)
Tankian, Serj - Elect The Dead (CD)
Tarja - My Winter Storm (CD)
Tarja - My Winter Storm (CD+DVD)
Tenacious D - The Pick Of Destiny (CD)
Thalamus - Beneath A Dying Sun (CD)
The Cancer Conspiracy - Omega (CD)
Therion - Gothic Kabbalah (2CD)
Thorne, Steve - Part Two: Emotional Creatures (CD)
Three5Human - A Swig From The Acid Bottle (CD)
Tishamingo - The Point (CD)
Tognoni, Rob - The Capital Wah (CD)
Tom Petty - Running Down A Dream (3DVD+CD)
Torche - Torche (CD)
Torfrock - 30 Jahre - Vielen Vielen Danke (2DVD)
Tourettes - Treason Songs (CD)
Trail of Tears - Existentia (CD)
Traveling Wilburys - The Collection (2CD+DVD)
Tricky Lobsters, Mandala, Kongo Skulls - Abandon Stage 1 DVD (DVD)
Trouble - Simple Mind Condition (CD)
Truckfighters - Phi (CD)
Truth & Janey - No Rest For The Wicked (CD)
Turbonegro - Retox (CD)
Turner, Josh - Everything Is Fine (CD)
Türen, Die - Popo (CD)
Twisted Sister - Live In New Jersey (DVD)
Type O Negative - Dead Again (CD)
U.D.O. (Accept) - Metallized (CD)
U2 - The Joshua Tree - 20th Anniversary Edition (2CD+DVD)
U2 - The Joshua Tree - 20th Anniversary Edition (CD)
U2 - The Joshua Tree - 20th Anniversary Edition (2CD)
Ultra - Ultra (CD)
Universal Temple Of Divine Power - Hand Of God (CD)
V8 Wankers - Hell On Wheels (CD+DVD)
V8 Wankers - Hell On Wheels (CD)
Vanderlinde - Fertility (CD)
Vanilla Fudge - Good Good Rockin´ - Live At Rockpalast (CD)
Various - JamCam Chronicles Wanee 2007 (DVD)
Various - This Is Southern Rock (DVD)
Various - An All Star Tribute To Lynyrd Skynyrd (CD)
Vaughan, Stevie Ray - Solos, Sessions & Encores (CD)
Vedder, Eddie (Pearl Jam) - Into The Wild – Music For The Motion Picture (CD)
Velvet Revolver - Libertad (CD)
View, The - Hats Off To The Buskers (CD)
Virginia Jetzt - Land Unter (CD)
Visions Of Atlantis - Trinity (CD)
Volbeat - Rock the Rebel / Metal the Devil (CD)
Volkstrott - Todeskunst (CD)
W.I.N.D. - Live In The Land Of Milk & Honey (CD)
Westernhagen - Wenn Das Licht Auf Dich Fällt - In Concert 2005 (2DVD)
Whiskey Brown - Whiskey Brown (CD)
Whiskey Falls - Whiskey Falls (CD)
Whisper In The Noise, A - Dry Land (CD)
White Stripes, The - Icky Thump (CD)
White, Snowy - Live Flames (CD)
Whitesnake - 1987: 20th Anniversary Edition (CD+DVD)
Widespread Panic - Choice Cuts - The Capricorn Years 1991 - 1999 (CD)
Wilco - Sky Blue Sky (CD)
Winter, Johnny - Live Bootleg Series Vol. 1 (CD)
Winter, Johnny & Edgar - Together (CD)
Wishbone Ash - Live in Hamburg (DVD)
Wishbone Ash - Power Of Eternity (CD)
Witchcraft - The Alchemist (CD)
Within Temptation - The Heart of Everything (CDX)
Wo Fat - Gathering Dark (CD)
Wolfmother - Please Experience Wolfmother (DVD)
Wood, Ronnie - The First Barbarians - Live From Kilburn (CD+DVD)
Wyldfyre - Can You Say Kool (CD)
Yes - Live At Montreux 2003 (2CD)
Yes - Live At Montreux 2003 (DVD)
Young, Neil - Live At Massey Hall 1971 (CD+DVD)
Young, Neil - Chrome Dreams II (CD+DVD) (CD+DVD)
Young, Neil - Under Review 1976 - 2006 (DVD)
Young, Neil - Chrome Dreams 2 (CD)
Young, Neil - Live At Massey Hall (CD)
Young, Neil & Crazy Horse - Live In San Francisco (2CD)
ZO2 - Ain't It Beautiful (CD)
Zombie, Rob - Zombie Live (CD)
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