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All releases 2008

(AC/DC) Diverse - High Voltage: The Ultimate AC/DC Tribute (2CD)
(International) Noise Conspiracy, The - Cross Of My Calling (CD)
(Judas Priest) Diverse - Hell Bent Forever: A Tribute to Judas Priest (CD)
(Led Zeppelin) Various - Led Box - The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute (2CD)
(Led Zeppelin) Various - The Ultimate Tribute To Led Zeppelin (2CD)
13 Cats (Stray Cats) - Live In Las Vegas (CD)
3 Doors Down - 3 Doors Down (CD)
4Lyn - The Good Life Period (DVD)
Abramis Brama - Nothing Changes (CD)
AC/DC - Black Ice (CD)
Adams, Bryan - 11 (CD)
Adams, Ryan & the Cardinals - Cardinology (CD)
Aerosmith - Live In Philadelphia (DVD)
Aerosmith - Live In Philadelphia (2CD)
Airbourne - Runnin' Wild LP (LP)
Albert Collins - Live From Austin, TX (DVD)
Allison, Bernard - River Is Rising (CD)
Allman Brothers - Reach For The Sky/Brothers Of The Road (CD)
Almah - Fragile Equality (CD)
America - Live At Central Park 1979 (DVD)
American Dog - Hard On The Road (CD+DVD)
American Dog - All Over The Road - Vol. 1 (DVD)
Anathema - Hindsight (CD)
Anderson, Kasey - The Reckoning (CD)
Anderson, Terry & The Olympic Ass-Kickin Team - When The Oakteam Comes To Town (CD)
Anti-Flag - The Bright Lights Of America (CD)
April Wine - I Like to Rock - Live London 1981 (DVD)
Armatrading, Joan - Into The Blues (Special Edition) (CD+DVD)
Asia - Phoenix (CD)
Asia - Live in The USA (2CD)
ASP - Akoasma – Horror Vacui Live (2CD)
ASP - Horror Vacui (2CD)
ASP - Zaubererbruder - Der Krabat Liederzyklus (2CD)
ASP - Akoasma – Horror Vacui Live (2CD)
Atrocity - Werk 80 II (2CD)
Audrey Horne - Le Fol (CD)
Avantasia - The Scarecrow (CD)
Avantasia - The Scarecrow - Limited Edition (CD+DVD)
Avantasia - The Metal Opera Part 1 & 2 - Gold Edition (2CD)
Ayreon - 1011001 (2CD+DVD)
Ayreon - Timeline (3CD+DVD)
Ayreon - 1011001 (2CD)
Âme Immortelle, L‘ - Namenlos (2CD)
B-52‘s - Funplex (CD)
Backyard Babies - Backyard Babies (CD)
Backyard Bone - Leather And Steel (CD)
Backyard Tire Fire - The Places We Lived (CD)
Badmouth - Badmouth (CD)
Badwater - Straight From The Tap (CD)
Balls - Chameleon (CD)
Band Of Heathens, The - Band Of Heathens (CD)
BAP - Radio Pandora - unplugged (CD)
BAP - Radio Pandora - plugged (CD)
Barnes, Jimmy - Out In The Blue (2CD)
Bart Crow Band - Desperate Hearts (CD)
Baskery - Fall Among Thieves (CD)
Bauhaus - Go Away White (CD)
Beatallica - All You Need Is Blood (CD)
Beatsteaks - Kanonen Auf Spatzen (CD + DVD)
Beautiful Grey - Fine Forever (CD)
Beck, Jeff - Performing This Week… - Live At Ronnie Scotts (CD)
Berry, Robert (GTR) - Dividing Line (CD)
Big Jim Slade - This Is Delicous (CD)
Biker Lifestyle - Thunderbike 2008 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Bike And Music Weekend 2008 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Bike & Musik Weekend 2008 - Burn Out Nationals (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Gigantentreffen 2008 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - European Bike Week 2008 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Boss Hoss 2008 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Mallorca Bike Week 2008 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Swiss Performance 2008 ()
Bishop, Elvin - The Blues Rolls On (CD)
Bjork, Brant - Punk Rock Guilt (CD)
Black Angels, The - Directions To See A Ghost (CD)
Black Crowes, The - Warpaint (CD)
Black Crowes, The - Warpaint 2LP (2LP)
Black Keys - Attack & Release (CD)
Black Light Burns - Cover Your Heart (CD+DVD)
Black Mountain - In the Future (CD)
Black Raven - We Rock In Threes (CD)
Black Raven - Rock In Threes (CD)
Black Raven - We Rock In Threes (LP)
Black Stone Cherry - Folklore And Superstition (CD)
Blackfoot - Train Train - Live in Kentucky (DVD)
Blackhawk - Greatest Hits Live (CD)
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - Swinging From The Chains Of Love (CD)
Blackmail - Tempo Tempo (CD)
Blackmore's Night - Secret Voyage (CD)
Blind Melon - For My Friends (CD)
Blindside Blues Band - Keepers Of The Flame (CD)
Blindstone - Freedom's Calling (CD)
Block, Ken (Sister Hazel) - Drift (CD)
Blowback - Morning Wood (CD)
Blue Floyd - Begins (2CD)
Blue Mountain - Omnibus (CD)
Blues Traveler - North Hollywood Shootout (CD)
Bluestone Co. - Supernatural Delight (CD)
Bonafide - Bonafide (Bonustracks) (CD)
Bonamassa, Joe - Live From Nowhere In Particular (2CD)
Bonfire - The Räuber (2DVD)
Boppin' B - Rock'n'Roll Radio (CD)
Bowen, Wade - If We Ever Make It Home (CD)
Boxmasters - Boxmasters (2CD)
Braxton Bragg - Braxton Bragg (CD)
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The - The Ultimate Christmas Collection (CD+DVD)
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The - Christmas Rocks: The Best Of Collection (CD)
Britta Persson - Kill Hollywood Me (CD)
Broken Teeth - Electric (CD)
Brown, Fontaine - Tales From The Fence Line (CD)
Brown, Joe - More Of The Truth (CD)
Brown, Oli - Open Road (CD)
Browne, Jackson - Time The Conqueror (CD)
Bruce, Jack & Robin Trower - Seven Moons (CD)
Bruce, Jack (Cream) - Can You Follow (6CD)
Buck 'N' Wing Band - A Mountain Dance (CD)
Buckcherry - Black Butterfly (CD)
Buckingham, Lindsey - Gift Of Screws (CD)
Buffalo Killers - Let It Ride (CD)
Bullet - Bite The Bullet (CD)
Burdon, Eric - Live At Ventura Beach California (DVD)
Burdon, Eric - The Animals And Beyond (DVD)
Burks, Michael - Iron Man (CD)
Burnside, Cedric & Lightnin' Malcolm - 2 Man Wrecking Crew (CD)
Byzantine - Oblivion beckons (CD)
Caamora - Embrace (EP)
Caamora - She Lim Ed. (2CD)
Canned Heat - Boogie House Tapes, Vol. 3: Recorded Electrically (2CD)
Capt. Soularcat - The Rise (CD)
Carll, Hayes - Trouble In Mind (CD)
Carlos & The Bandidos - Bandido-A-Go-Go (CD)
Carlos & The Bandidos - The Good, The Bad And The Bandidos (CD)
Carlton, Carl - Songs For The Lost And Brave (CD)
Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted (CD)
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds - Dig Lazarus Dig (CD)
Charlie Wheeler Band - Highway Run (CD)
Cheap Trick - At Budokan! 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition (3CD+DVD)
China Blue - Twilight Of Destiny (CD)
City - Play It Again! - Das Beste von City (2CD)
Clark, Guy - Old No.1 (CD)
Clash - Live At Shea Stadium (CD)
Clyne, Roger & The Peacemakers - Turbo Ocho (CD + DVD)
Coerver, Tom & Goin' South - From the Mud ... To the Sky (CD)
COG - Sharing Space (CD)
Cold Truth - Do Whatcha Do (CD)
Coldplay - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends (CD)
Coldtrail - Big Secrets In A Small Town (CD)
Collins, Albert - Live From Austin, TX (DVD)
Collins, Austin - Roses Are Black (CD)
Colosseum - Live (Remastered) (CD)
Cooder, Ry - Ry Cooder Anthology: The UFO Has Landed (2CD)
Cook, David - David Cook (CD)
Cooper, Alice - Along Came A Spider (CD)
Corvus Corax - Cantus Buranus II (CD)
Corvus Corax - Cantus Buranus – Das Orgelwerk (CD)
Costner, Kevin & Modern West - Untold Truths (CD)
Coyote Kings - Feelin' Lucky (CD)
Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers - Crazy Rhythm (CD)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - CSNY: Déjà Vu Live (CD)
Crown Of Thorns - Faith (CD)
Cummings, Albert - Feel So Good (CD)
Cure - 4:13 Dream (CD)
D-A-D - Early Years - Ltd. Ed. (3CD)
D-A-D - Monster Philosophy (CD)
Dampfmaschine - I Love My Body (CD)
Dark Age - Minus Exitus - Special Ed. (CD+DVD)
Dark Age - Minus Exitus (CD)
Dark Princess - Stop My Heart (2CD)
Darryl St. John Band - War Of Blue (CD)
Daughtry - Daughtry (CD)
Davis, Stephen - Led Zeppelin, Hammer of Gods: Die Led Zeppelin Saga (Buch)
Dawson, Julian - Deep Rain (CD)
Dears, The - Missiles (CD)
Deep Purple - Around The World Live (4DVD)
Deep Purple - Stormbringers (2DVD)
Deeper Blues - Dig The hole (CD)
Def Leppard - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge (CD)
Delta Spirit - Ode To Sunshine (CD)
Der Weidner - Schneller, Höher, Weidner (CD)
Die Happy - VI (CD)
Dirty Looks - California Free Ride (CD)
Dirty Looks - Superdeluxe (CD)
Disturbed - Indestructible (CD)
Diverse - Rock S’Cool, Vol. III (DVD)
Diverse - More Barn - A Tribute To Neil Young (CD)
Diverse - Midem 2008 Presents The Pschent All-Star Crew (CD)
Diverse - An All-Star Tribute To ZZ Top (CD)
Diverse - We Wish You A Metal Xmas … And A Headbanging New Year (CD)
Diverse - Krautrock - Music For Your Brain Vol. 2 (6CD)
Diverse - Walldorf RnR Weekender 2008 (CD)
Diverse - Walldorf Rock'n'Roll Weekender Soundtrack 2008 (CD)
Diverse - Live At Wacken 2007 - 18 Years In History (2DVD)
Diverse - Walldorf RnR Weekender2008 (DVD)
Diverse - Sweden Rock Festival (2DVD)
Diverse - VW Bus - Road To Freedom (2CD+BUCH)
Doc Holliday - Rides Again - Remastered + Bonus (CD)
Doc Holliday - 25 - Absolutely Live (CD)
Doc Holliday - Doc Holliday - Remastered + Bonus (CD)
Dokken - Lightning Strikes Again (CD)
Doors, the - Live At The Matrix 1967 (2CD)
Doughty, Mike (Soul Coughing) - Golden Delicious (CD)
Drive-By Truckers - Brighter Than Creation´s Dark (CD)
Drumbo (John French) - City Of Refuge (CD)
Duarte, Chris & Group - Vantage Point (CD)
Dupree, Jesse James & Dixie Inc. - Rev It Up & Go-Go (CD)
Dustsucker - Diabolo Domination (CD)
Dylan, Bob - Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs - Rare and Unreleased 1989-2006 (1CD-Version) (CD)
Dylan, Bob - Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs - Rare and Unreleased 1989-2006 (2CD)
Eagles Of Death Metal - Heart On (CD)
Earle, Steve - Copperhead Road - Deluxe Edition (2CD)
Earle, Steve - Live from Austin, Texas (DVD)
Eden's Curse - The Second Coming (CD)
Edensong - Fruit Fallen (CD)
Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus (CD)
Edguy - The Singles (CD)
Eldritch - Livequake (2CD+DVD)
Eli Young Band - Jet Black & Jealous (CD)
Ely, Joe & Joel Guzman - Live Cactus! (CD)
Endless Boogie - Focus Level (CD)
Erelli, Mark - Delivered (CD)
Etheridge, Melissa - A New Thought For Christmas (CD)
Europe - Almost Unplugged (CD)
Evans, Dave (AC/DC) - Judgement Day (CD)
Everest - Ghost Notes (CD)
Evergrey - Torn (CD)
Extreme - Saudades De Rock (CD)
F5 (Megadeth) - The Reckoning (CD)
Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Die Wahrheit übers Lügen (CD)
Fates Warning - A Perfect Symmetry - Collectors Edition (2CD + DVD)
Fiddleworms - Volkswagen Catfish (CD)
Fiftywatthead - Fogcutter (CD)
Filter - Anthems For The Damned (CD)
Fireman, The (Paul McCartney) - Electric Arguments (CD)
Fish - 13th Star (CD)
Five Fifteen - Alcohol (CD)
Flat Foot - Cold Case (CD)
Fogerty, John - Revival - Tour Ed. (CD + DVD)
Foghat & Guests - Blues Tribute (DVD)
Foo Fighters - Wembley Live (DVD)
Foo Fighters - Hyde Park (DVD)
Ford, Marc & The Neptune Blues Club - Ford, Marc & The Neptune Blues Club (CD)
Foreigner - No End In Sight: The Very Best Of (2CD)
Frank Spilker Gruppe - Mit all den Leuten (CD)
Freeks, The - The Freeks (CD)
Frei.Wild - Gegen Alles, Gegen Nichts (CD)
Frost* - Experiments In Mass Appeal (CD)
Fuchs, Dana - Live In NYC (CD)
Fuchs, Dana - Live From NYC (DVD)
Fury in the Slaughterhouse - Farewell & Goodbye-Tour 2008 (DVD)
Fury in the Slaughterhouse - Farewell & Goodbye-Tour 2008 (2CD)
Fury in the Slaughterhouse - Don't Look Back (CD+DVD)
Gales, Eric - Story Of My Life (CD)
Gallagher, Rory - Essential (2CD)
Gang Loco - No Better Tomorrow (CD)
Gathering, The - Downfall - The Early Years (2CD)
Gator Country - Gator Country Live (CD)
Genesis - 1970 - 1975 (CD+DVD)
Gentle Giant - Three Friends (CD)
Gillan, Ian - Live In Anaheim (DVD)
Gillan, Ian - Live In Anaheim (2CD)
Gilmour, David - Live In Gdansk (2CD)
Girlschool - Legacy (CD)
Glowing Elephant - Radioactive Creampieces (CD)
Gluecifer - Basement Apes / Automatic Thrill - 2 in 1 (2CD)
Goldfinger - Hello Destiny (CD)
Gomes, Anthony - Live (CD)
Gongzilla - Five Even (CD)
Good Man Down - Good Man Down (CD)
Gothminister - Happiness In Darkness (CD)
Grantig - So muss es sein (CD)
Grateful Dead - Rocking The Cradle/Egypt 1978 (2CD+DVD)
Great Caesar's Ghost - Means To An End (CD)
Green, Peter - Anthology (4CD)
Greg Billings Band - Do-Overs (CD)
Guitar Pete - Mean Streets (CD)
Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy (CD)
Guns N‘ Roses - Use Your Illusion I & II: Two Classic Albums Under Review (DVD)
Guy, Buddy - Skin Deep (CD)
H (Steve Hogarth/Marillion) - Naked In The Chapel - Ltd. Ed. (DVD)
Haley, Bill - Bill Haley And His Comets (CD)
Hamburger James - Last Plane To Memphis (CD)
Hammerfall - Masterpieces (CD)
Hammerfall - Rebels With A Cause (DVD)
Hansen, Randy - European Tour 2008 (CD)
Harris, Lauren - Calm Before The Storm (CD)
Hart, Beth - 37 Days (CD)
Havanna Heat Club - Specially Made For Your Satisfaction (CD)
Haynes, Warren - The Benefit Concert Vol. 8 LIVE (DVD)
Hayseed Dixie - No Covers (CD)
Healey, Jeff - Mess Of Blues (CD)
Healey, Jeff - Super Hits (CD)
Heartsfield - Disrupting The Country (CD)
Heaven's Basement - Heavens Basement (CD)
Hellsingland Underground - Hellsingland Underground (CD)
Henderson, Bugs - Still Flyin' (Remastered + Bonus Tracks) (CD)
Henderson, Bugs & the Shuffle Kings - Blue Music (CD)
Hendrix, Jimi - Rockin' The USA Vol.2 (6CD)
Hendrix, Jimi - Studio Sessions Vol. 1 (6CD)
Hendrix, Jimi - Studio Sessions Vol. 2 (6CD)
Hendrix, Jimi - Rockin' The USA Vol.1 (6CD)
Henrik Freischlader Band - Live (3CD)
Heppner, Peter - Solo (CD)
Hiatt, John - Same Old Man (CD)
Hicks, Chris (Marshall Tucker Band) - Dog Eat Dog World (CD)
HIM - Digital Versatile Doom-Live At The Orpheum Theatre (CD + DVD)
Hinder - Take It To The Limit (CD)
Hinds, Allen - Falling Up (CD)
Hocico - Memorias Atras (CD)
Hodges, Warner E. - Centerline (CD)
Holcombe, Malcolm - Gamblin’ House (CD)
Holly, Buddy - Rocks (CD)
Honeybrowne - Mile by Mile (CD)
Honeymoon Suite - Clifton Hill (CD)
Hooker, John Lee Jr. - All Odds Against Me (CD)
Hopkins, Rich & Lisa Novak - Loveland (CD)
Horsfall, Trevor (Zed Head) - Feel The Heat (CD)
Hotel Persona - In The Clouds (CD)
Hoth, Elias T. - Let Sleepin Demons Lie (CD)
Hughes, Glenn - First Underground Nuclear Kitchen (CD)
Illuminate - Zeit der Wölfe (CD)
In Extremo - Sängerkrieg Akustik Radio-Show (DVD)
In Extremo - Sängerkrieg (CD)
In Flames - A Sense Of Purpose (CD)
Indianola Railroad Co. - Long Road (CD)
Indigenous - Broken Lands (CD)
Iron Maiden - Live After Death (2DVD)
Iron Maiden - Somewhere Back In Time Best Of 1980-1989 (CD)
Irwin, William - Die Philosophie bei Metallica (BUCH)
It Bites - The Tall Ships (CD)
Jaded Sun - Gypsy Trip (CD)
James, Ryan - Directed (CD)
Jeff Scheetz Band - Behind The Mask (CD)
Jefferson Starship - Jefferson's Tree Of Liberty (CD)
Jenkins, Brandon - Faster Than A Stone (CD)
Jesus On Extasy - Beloved Enemy (CD)
Jett, Alvin & The Phat Noiz Blues Band - How Long (CD)
JJ Grey & Mofro - Orange Blossoms (CD)
Johnfish Sparkle - Johnfish Sparkle (CD)
Johnossi - All They Ever Wanted (CD)
Johnson, Eric - Anaheim Live (DVD)
Johnson, Jay Jesse - I've Got An Axe To Grind (CD)
Jones, Danko - Never Too Loud (CD)
Jones, Danko - Never Too Loud - Limited Edition (CD)
Jones, JW - Bluelisted (CD)
Josh Abbott Band - Scapegoat (CD)
Journey - Revelation (2CD)
Judas Priest - Nostradamus (2CD)
Junius - Junius (CD)
Karmakanic - Who’s The Boss In The Factory? (CD)
Kärbholz - Zurück nach vorn (CD)
Keith Emerson Band - Keith Emerson Band (CD+DVD)
Keith Reid Project - The Common Thread (CD)
Keltner, Lance - Live from Austin, Texas (CD)
Kempner, Scott - Saving Grace (CD)
Kidd, Travis - Midamerica (CD)
Killers, The - Day And Age (CD)
King Hobo (Clutch, Bakerton Group, Spiritual Beggars) - King Hobo (CD)
King Karma - Mama´s Pride (CD)
King, B.B. - One Kind Favor (CD)
KingBaby - Find My Way (CD)
Kingdom of sorrow - Kingdom of sorrow (CD)
Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night (CD)
King‘s X - XV (CD)
King’s X - XV (CD)
Kiske, Michael - Past In Different Ways (CD)
Kiss - Ikons (4CD)
Klasson, Stevie - Don’t Shoot The Messenger (CD)
Kneipenterroristen - Die Ersten Werden Die Letzten Sein (CD)
Knorkator - Weg nach unten (2DVD)
Korn - Live At Montreux 2004 (DVD)
Kotzen, Richie - Live In Sao Paulo (CD)
Kreator - At The Pulse Of Kapitulation - Live In East Berlin 1991 (DVD+CD)
Lacuna Coil - Visual Karma (Body, Mind And Soul) (2DVD)
Lage, Klaus - Nah und Wichtig (CD)
Lage, Klaus - Beste Lage (2CD)
Lancaster, Ernie - Lightnin' Alley (CD)
Landreth, Sonny - From The Reach (CD)
Landreth, Sonny - Outward Bound/South Of I -10 (2CD)
Lang, Jonny - Live At Montreux 1999 (DVD)
Leavell, Chuck - Live in Germany - Grean Leaves & Blue Note (2CD)
Lethargy - Purification (CD)
Letzte Instanz - Weiße Reise - Live in Dresden (CD)
Letzte Instanz - Weißgold (2DVD)
Lindenberg, Udo - Stark wie zwei - Platin Edition (CD)
Lindenberg, Udo - Stark wie zwei (CD)
Linkin Park - Road To Revolution - Live At Milton Keynes (CD+DVD)
Little Feat - Ain't Had Enough Fun (CD)
Little Feat & Friends - Join The Band (CD)
Live - Live At The Paradiso (CD)
Live - Live At The Paradiso (DVD)
Live - Live At The Paradiso - Ltd. Ed. (CD+DVD)
Living Colour - Playlist: The Very Best Of (CD)
Living Colour - CBGB OMFUG Masters - The Bowery Collection (CD)
Living Loud - Live In Sydney (Ltd.Ed.) (2CD)
Loda, Johnny - Cool Tall Girl (CD)
Lonesome Dragstrippers - Top Fuel Thunder (CD)
Lopez, Lance - First Things First (CD)
Los Lonely Boys - Forgiven (CD)
Los Lonely Boys - Christmas Spirit (CD)
Lotto King Karl & die Barmbek Dreamboys - Heimspiel auf heiligem Boden - Live Rodeostar (2CD+2DVD)
Louris, Gary - Acoustic Vagabonds (CD)
Louris, Gary - Vagabonds (CD)
Lynch, George/Souls Of We - Let The Truth Be Known (CD)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama (Live At Rockpalast) (NTSC) (DVD)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama (Live At Rockpalast) (PAL) (DVD)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Street Survivors - Deluxe Edition 30th Anniversary (2CD)
Lyytinen, Erja - Grip of the Blues (CD)
Lyytinen, Erja - Grip Of The Blues (CD)
Mad Max - Here We Are (CD)
Madsen - Frieden im Krieg (CD)
Maffay, Peter - Ewig (CD)
Magic Ship - LoveTel Motel (CD)
Magnum - Wings Of Heaven Live (2CD)
Malmsteen, Yngwie & Rising Force - Perpetual Flame (CD)
Malone, Marcus - Hurricane (CD)
Manilla Road - Voyager (CD)
Marillion - Happiness Is the Road, Vol. 2 (CD)
Marillion - Somewhere In London (2DVD)
Marillion - Happiness Is the Road, Vol. 1 (CD)
Mars Volta, The - Bedlam In Goliath (CD)
Marshall Law - Razorhead (CD)
Marshall Neely and the Deputies of Destruction - Marshall Neely and the Deputies of Destruction (CD)
Mayall, John & The Bluesbreakers - Dreaming About The Blues (2CD)
McCoy, Tommy & Lucky Peterson - Lay My Demons Down (CD)
McCoy, Tommy / Double Trouble - Triple Trouble (CD)
McLean, Jamie - American Heartache (CD)
McMurtry, James - Just Us Kids (CD)
Megadeth - Anthology: Set The World Afire (2CD)
Mellencamp, John - Life, Death, Love And Freedom (2CD)
Metal Church - This Present Wasteland (CD)
Metallica - Death Magnetic (CD)
Mia - Willkommen im Club (CD)
Michael Schenker Group - In the Midst of Beauty (CD)
Michaels, Bret - Rock My World (CD)
Mick Fleetwood Blues Band feat. Rick Vito - Blue Again! (CD)
Micky & The Motorcars - Naive (CD)
Mighty Orq - To The Bone (CD)
Millencolin - Machine 15 (CD)
Miller, Larry - Outlaw Blues (CD)
Mills, Tony - Vital Design (CD)
Ministry - Cover Up (CD)
Mnemonic - Pandora (CD)
Moe. - Sticks And Stones (CD)
Molly Hatchet - Kingdom Of XII / Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge - 2 in 1 (2CD)
Molly Hatchet - Double Trouble Live (Remastered) (CD)
Molly Hatchet - Southern Rock Masters (CD)
Molly Hatchet - Beatin The Odds - Remastered plus 4 (CD)
Moonspell - Lusitanian Metal (CD)
Moonspell - Lusitanian Metal (2DVD)
Moore, Gary - Bad For You Baby (CD)
Morello, Tom & The Nightwatchman - The Fabled City (CD)
Morrow, Cory - Vagrants & Kings (CD)
Morse, Neal - Lifeline (CD)
Morse, Neal - Sola, Scriptura and Beyond (2DVD)
Mother’s Finest - Mother’s Finest + 2 (CD)
Motörhead - Motörizer (CD)
Mountain - Over The Top (2CD)
Movements,The - Grains Of Oats (CD)
Mötley Crüe - Saints Of Los Angeles (CD)
Mudcrutch (Tom Petty) - Mudcrutch (CD)
Mudhoney - The Lucky Ones (CD)
Mudvayne - The New Game (CD)
Muggs, The - On With The Show (CD)
Muse - H.A.A.R.P. Live from Wembley (DVD+CD)
Nashville Pussy - Live In Hollywood (DVD)
Natchez - 20 Years Later (DVD)
Nazareth - The Newz (CD)
Nebula - Peel Sessions (CD)
Neel, Johnny & Criminal Element - Vol. 2 (CD)
Neel, Johnny & Criminal Element - Vol. 1 (CD)
Negative - Karma Killer (CD)
Negative - In The Eye Of The Hurricane (2DVD)
Nevermore - The Year Of The Voyager (2CD+2DVD)
Nevermore - Year Of The Voyager (2DVD)
Nevermore - The Year Of The Voyager (2CD)
New Model Army - Fuck Texas, Sing For Us (CD)
NFD - Deeper Visions (CD)
Nickelback - Dark Horse (CD)
Nickelback - Live At Sturgis 2006 (DVD)
Night Horse - The Dark Won't Hide You (CD)
Night Horse - The Dark Won't Hide You LP (LP)
Nihiling - m[e]iosis (CD)
Nikki Puppet - Power Seeker (CD)
Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV (CD)
Nine Inch Nails - The Slip (CD)
Nine Pound Hammer (Nashville Pussy) - Sex, Drugs & Bill Monroe (CD)
Niven, John - Kill your Friends (BUCH)
No Justice - Live At Billy Bob's Texas (CD)
North Mississippi Allstars - Hernando (CD)
Northcote, Pete - Poindexter And The Genius Sex Act (CD)
Nugent, Ted - Weekend Warriors Special Ed. (CD)
Nugent, Ted - Sweden Rocks (CD)
Nugent, Ted - Sweden Rocks (DVD)
Nugent, Ted - Sweden Rocks (DVD + CD)
O'Toole, Rich - In A Minute Or Two (CD)
Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul (CD)
Offspring - Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace (CD)
OhGr - Devils In My Details (CD)
Ohm: - Circus Of Sound (CD)
Ohrenfeindt - Bremen: Auf die Ohren!!! (CD)
Olson, Mark & Louris, Gary - Ready For The Flood (CD)
One Hand Free - Quadraphonic (CD)
Oomph! - Monster! (CD)
Orford, Martin - The Old Road (CD)
OTR - Mamonama (CD)
Overhead - And We're Not Here After All (CD)
O‘Ree, Matt - Live (CD + DVD)
Paradise Lost - Anatomy Of Melancholy (2CD)
Paradise Lost - Anatomy Of Melancholy (2DVD)
Parlor Mob - And You Were A Crow (CD)
Paul, Les & Friends - A Tribute To A Legend (CD)
Pearcy, Stephen - Under My Skin (CD)
Peel, John & Sheila Ravenscroft - Memoiren einer DJ-Legende: Mit einem Vorwort von Klaus Walter (Buch)
Pell, Axel Rudi - Live Over Europe (2DVD)
Pell, Axel Rudi - Tales Of The Crown (CD)
Pennywise - Reason To Believe (CD)
Pet Genius - Pet Genius (CD)
Pete Blume - Demonstrieren sonntags (CD)
Pete Scheips Band - Back on the Blues Train (CD)
Phantom Planet - Raise The Dead (CD)
Phish - At The Roxy (Atlanta ྙ) (8CD)
Pineapple Thief - Tightly Unwound (CD)
Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky (8DVD)
Pitts, Joe - One Night Only (CD)
Poison - 7 Days Live (CD)
Polecat Boogie Revival - Polecat Boogie Revival (CD)
Police - Certifiable (CD+DVD)
Popa Chubby - Vicious Country (CD)
Porcupine Tree - Nil Recurring (CD)
Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb Sun (2CD)
Poul Halberg Power Trio - PsychElectric Journey (CD)
Poulos, Greg - Angels From Hazard (CD)
Powder Mill - New Mountain (CD)
Presley, Elvis - The Essential (2CD)
Presto Ballet - The Lost Art Of Time Travel (CD)
Pride Tiger - Lucky Ones - US! (CD)
Psychopunch - Moonlight City (CD)
Qntal - Purpurea - Best Of (2CD)
Queen & Paul Rodgers - The Cosmos Rocks (CD)
Quiet Riot - Alive And Well (CD)
R.E.M. - Accelerate (CD)
Radiators - Wild & Free (2CD)
Radiohead - Best Of (DVD)
Radiohead - Best Of (CD)
Radiopilot - Leben passiert (CD)
Railroad - Where To Go (CD)
Railroad Earth - Amen Corner (CD)
Rancho Deluxe - True Freedom (CD)
Randy Piper's Animal - Virus (CD)
Randy Rogers Band - Randy Rogers Band (CD)
Rappoport, Doug - Bionic (CD)
Rasmus, The - Black Roses (CD)
Razorlight - Slipway Fires (CD)
Rea, Chris - Chris Rea presents The Return Of The Fabulous Hofner Bluenotes (3CD+BUCH+2x1)
Rebel State - Outlaw Country (CD)
Reckless Kelly - Bulletproof (CD)
Reichel, Achim - Michels Gold (CD)
Revolution Blue - Join The Revolution (CD)
RevOrganDrum - HiFiStereo (CD)
Rhythm Train - Bad To The Bone (CD)
Rhythm Train - Bad To The Bone (CD)
Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight - Open The Cage (DVD)
Rockford Mules, The - From Devil's Spit To Angel Tears (CD)
Rollin Phattys - Red Hot Joe (CD)
Rolling Stones - Shine A Light (2CD)
Rose Hill Drive - Moon Is The New Earth (CD)
Rossdale, Gavin - Wanderlust (CD)
Rossi, Alex - Let Me In (CD)
Roth, Uli Jon - Under A Dark Sky (CD)
Rucker, Darius - Learn To Live (CD)
Rundgren, Todd - Arena (CD)
Rush - Snakes And Arrows Live (3DVD)
S.N.O. (Stonewall Noise Orchestra) - Constants In An Ever Changing Universe (CD)
Sacred Sailors - Tune In Turn On (CD)
Santana - Multi-Dimensional Warrior (2CD)
Sardinas, Eric - Eric Sardinas & Big Motor (CD)
Scars On Broadway - Scars On Broadway (CD)
School Of Seven Bells - Alpinism (CD)
Science Faxtion - Living On Another Frequency (CD)
Scrapomatic (The Derek Trucks Band) - Sidewalk Caesars (CD)
Script, The - The Script (CD)
Sean Walsh Band - Timetravellersexmachine (CD)
Secret Machines - Secret Machines (CD)
Selby, Mark - Nine Pound Hammer (CD)
Sentenced - North From Here (2CD)
Sequoyah Prep School - We Said Hello... (CD)
Shadowman - Ghost In The Mirror (CD)
Shinedown - The Sound Of Madness (CD)
Shiner Twins - Southern Belles (CD)
Sister Hazel - Before The Amplifiers - LIVE Acoustic (CD)
Sky High - Download (CD)
Slave - Sacrificed Queen (CD)
Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone (CD)
Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone - Special Edition (CD+DVD)
Smashing Pumpkins - If All Goes Wrong (2DVD)
Smith, Patti / Kevin Shield - The Coral Sea (2CD)
Snake - Strike! (CD)
Snew - Snew You (CD)
Snow Patrol - A Hundred Million Suns (CD)
Snowblynd - Dirty Water (CD)
Snowden, Gene - Austin's Original Hillbilly Poet (CD)
Snowden, Gene - Austins Original Hillbilly Poet (CD)
Source, The - Prickly Pear (CD)
Southern Gentlemen - Valley Of Fire (CD)
Southside Johnny - Grapefruit Moon: Songs Of Tom Waits 2LP (2LP)
Southside Johnny - Grapefruit Moon: Songs Of Tom Waits (CD)
Spady, Clarence - Just Between Us (CD)
Spinner, Tony - Live In Europe (CD)
Spock's Beard - Live (2CD)
Spock's Beard - Live (DVD)
Springfield, Rick - Venus In Overdrive (CD)
Springsteen, Bruce - VH1 Storytellers (DVD)
Squealer - The Circle Shuts (CD)
Staind - The Illusion Of Progress (CD)
Stanfour - Wild Life (CD)
Stanley, Michael - Just Another Night (CD)
Stanley, Paul (Kiss) - One Live Kiss (DVD)
State Line Mob - Ruckus (CD)
State Radio - Year Of The Crow (CD)
Station, The - Speed Of Sound (2CD)
Status Quo - Still In Search Of The Fourth Chord - Deluxe-Tour-Edition (2CD)
Status Quo - Pictures: 40 Years Of Hits (2CD)
Status Quo - Earbooks (4CD+Buch)
Steelheart - Good 2B Alive (CD)
Steepwater Band, The - Grace And Melody (CD)
Stein, Michael & Stahl, Thomas - MINI - The Car, The Cult and The Swinging Music (4CD+BUCH)
Stereophonics - Best Of - A Decade In The Sun (CD)
Stewart, Al - Sparks Of Ancient Light (CD)
Stewart, Dave - Songbook, Vol. 1 (2CD)
Stone Rider - Three Legs of Trouble (CD)
Stoppok - Sensationsstrom (CD)
Story Of The Year - The Black Swan (CD)
Storyville - Live At Antone´s (2CD + DVD)
Subway To Sally - Herzblut / Engelskrieger (2CD)
Subway To Sally - Schlachthof - Bastard Tour Live (CD + DVD)
Suhler, Jim & Alan Haynes - Live At The Blue Cat Blues Club (CD)
Supersuckers - Get It Together (CD+DVD)
Swamp Cabbage - Squeal (CD)
SweetTooth - SweetTooth (CD)
Sylvan - Leaving Backstage - Live At Kampnagel (2CD)
Sylvan - Posthumous Silence - The Show - Live At Kampnagel (DVD)
Talbot, Heidi - In Love And Light (CD)
Tangent - Not As Good As The Book (2CD)
Tangent - Not As Good As The Book - Sp. Ed. (2CD)
Ten Years After - Evolution (CD)
Terry Eckard Band - Rebel On The Highway (CD)
Tesla - Comin' Atcha Live! 2008 (DVD)
Tesla - Forever More (CD)
Testament - The Formation Of Damnation (CD)
Texabilly Rockets - Raw & Wild (CD)
Texabilly Rockets - Raw & Wild (CD)
Theory Of A Deadman - Scars And Souvenirs (CD)
Thin Lizzy - U.K. Tour ྇ (CD)
Thunder - Bang! (CD)
Tiamat - Amanethes (CD)
Tito & Tarantula - Back Into The Darkness (CD)
Tocotronic - Pop Portrait (CD)
Tomte - Heureka (CD)
Torfrock - Search and Rescue (MCD)
Toten Hosen, Die - In aller Stille (CD)
Towers Of London - Fizzy Pop (CD)
Travis - Ode To J.Smith (CD)
Trews, The - No Time For Later (CD)
Trout, Walter - The Outsider (CD)
Truth - Machine (CD)
Truth & Janey - Erupts! (CD)
Turbonegro - O.S.T. – Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (2CD)
Turner, Joe Lynn - Live In Germany (CD)
Type O Negative - Dead Again (CD+DVD)
U2 - Live At Red Rocks – Under A Blood Red Sky (DVD)
UFO - You Are Here / Sharks - 2 in 1 (2CD)
Unheilig - Puppenspiel (CD+Digipack)
Unheilig - Puppenspiel Live - Vorhang Auf! (DVD)
Unheilig - Puppenspiel Live - Vorhang Auf! (2CD)
Unitopia - The Garden (2CD)
Urban, Keith - Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy World Tour - Live (DVD)
Urban, Keith - Greatest Hits (CD)
Uriah Heep - Wake The Sleeper (CD)
V8 Wixxxer (V8 Wankers) - Wixxxer Ohne Grund (CD)
Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend (CD)
Van Der Graaf Generator - Trisector (CD)
Vanilla Fudge & Symphony Orchestra - When Two Worlds Collide (CD)
Vargas Blues Band - Flamenco Blues Experience (CD)
Vaughan, Jimmie - Do You Get The Blues? (CD)
Vaughan, Stevie Ray - Pride And Joy (DVD)
Veljanov - Porta Macedonia (CD)
Venom - Hell (CD)
Verve, The - Forth (CD)
Vibes, The - Whiskey, Sex & Rock'n'Roll (CD)
Viking Skull - Doom, Gloom, Heartache & Whiskey (CD)
Volbeat - Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood (CD)
Volbeat - Live - Sold Out! (DVD)
Volkstrott - Im Angesicht der Barberei (CD)
Voodoo Circle - Voodoo Circle (CD)
W.I.N.D. - W.I.N.D. - Remastered + 3 Bonustracks (CD)
Waters, Muddy - Live In Montreal (DVD)
Weezer - Weezer (The Red Album) (CD)
Welch, Brian „Head“ - Save Me From Myself (CD)
Wheels Fargo & The Nightingale - Mama Was A Bank Robber (CD)
Whigs, The - Mission Control (CD)
Whipsaws - 60 Watt Avenue (CD)
White Lion - Live At Bang Your Head Festival 2005 (DVD)
White Lion - Return Of The Pride (CD)
Whitesnake - 30th Anniversary Collection (3CD)
Whitesnake - Slide It In (Rock Milestones) (DVD)
Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad Ltd. Edition (2CD)
Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad (CD)
Who, The - At Kilburn 1977 (2DVD)
Widespread Panic - Live From Austin, TX - Austin City Limits (DVD)
Widespread Panic - Free Somehow (CD)
Williams, Hank III - Damn Right, Rebel Proud (CD)
Williams, Jason "Lefty" - Snake Oil (CD)
Wilson, Brian - That Lucky Old Sun (CD)
Winter, Edgar - Rebel Road (CD)
Winter, Johnny - Live Bootleg Series Vol. 3 (CD)
Winter, Johnny - Scorchin' Blues (Roots 'n Blues) (CD)
Winter, Johnny - Live Bootleg Series Vol. 2 (CD)
Winter, Johnny - Live Through The ྂs (DVD)
Wirtz - 11 Zeugen (CD)
Wiser Time - All For One (CD)
Wishbone Ash - Tender (CD)
Wishbone Ash - Argus 'Then Again' Live (CD)
Wishbone Ash - Tough (CD)
Work Of Art - Artwork (CD)
Year Long Disaster - Year Long Disaster (CD)
Year Long Disaster - Year Long Disaster (CD)
Year Long Disaster - Year Long Disaster (2LP)
Yes - 35th Anniversary Tour - The Director's Cut (2DVD)
Young, Neil - Sugar Mountain - Live At Canterbury House 1968 (CD+DVD)
Zac Brown Band - The Foundation (CD)
Zaunbrecher, Drew - Higher (CD)
Zip Tang - Pank (CD)
Zito, Mike - Today (CD)
ZZ Top - Eliminator Collectors Edition Anniversary (CD + DVD)
ZZ Top - Live From Texas (DVD)
ZZ Top - Live From Texas (CD)
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