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All releases 2010

38 Special - Authorized Bootleg - Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York 1/29/85 (CD)
7 Days Awake - Interference (CD)
AC/DC - Iron Man 2 O.S.T. (CD)
AC/DC - Iron Man 2 O.S.T. limited Edition (CD+DVD) (CD+DVD)
Accept - Blood Of The Nations (CD)
Adrian Thommas Band - Downtown (CD)
Airbourne - No Guts. No Glory. LP (LP)
Airbourne - No Guts. No Glory. (CD)
Allen, Russell & Lande, Jorn - The Showdown (CD)
Alter Bridge - AB III (CD)
American Dog - All Over The Road – Vol. 2 (DVD)
American Dog - Special Bundle: CD "Mean" und DVD "All Over The Road - Vol. 1" (CD+DVD)
American Dog - Mean (CD)
Anathema - We're Here Because We're Here (CD)
Anderson / Wakeman - The Living Tree (CD)
Anderson, Ian - The Secret Language Of Birds (CD)
Armatrading, Joan - This Charming Life (CD)
Asia - Omega (CD)
Asia - At High Voltage 2010 (2CD)
Asia - Live Around The World (2CD)
Asia - Spirit Of The Night (CD+DVD)
Audio Love Nation - 101 (CD)
Audrey Horne - Audrey Horne (CD)
Axel Rudi Pell - The Crest (CD)
Bachman & Turner - Bachman & Turner (2LP)
Bachman & Turner - Bachman & Turner (CD)
Bad Company - Hard Rock Live (CD+DVD)
Bad Company - Live (At Wembley Arena) (Ltd. Ed.) (3CD)
Bad Religion - The Dissent Of Man (CD)
Bayley, Blaze - Promise And Terror (CD)
Beck, Jeff - Emotion & Commotion (CD)
Beck, Jeff - Emotion & Commotion (CD+DVD)
Becki Sue & Her Big Rockin‘ Daddies - Big Rockin‘ Boogie (CD)
Begbie - The age of golden lies (CD)
Betts, Dickey - Arista Recordings - Atlanta's Burning Down (CD)
Betts, Dickey & Great Southern - Let´s Get Together + Collectors´ No.1 (2CD)
Bice, Bo - 3 (CD)
Big Ball - Hotter Than Hell (CD)
Big Brother & Holding Company - Ball & Chain (2CD)
Big Gilson - Blues Classics Live (CD)
Biker Lifestyle - 13. Gigantentreffen 2010 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - 25th Thunderbike Anniversary Weekend (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Bike and Music Weekend 2010 - 15 Years Breaking Rules (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Boss Hoss Rallye 2010 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Stuntfahrer Rainer Schwarz (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle - Trucker & Country Festival Geiselwind 2010 (DVD)
Biker Lifestyle Traveler - Mit Der Harley Durch Arizona (DVD)
Bjork, Brant - Gods & Goddesses (CD)
Black Box Revelation - Silver Threats (CD)
Black Country Communion - Black Country (CD)
Black Country Communion - Black Country (2LP)
Black Country Communion - Black Country (Ltd. Ed.) (CD+DVD)
Black Crowes - Croweology (2CD)
Black Keys, The - Thickfreakness (CD)
Black Keys, The - Chulahoma (CD)
Black Keys, The - Rubber Factory (CD)
Black Label Society - Order Of The Black (2LP)
Black Label Society - Order Of The Black (CD)
Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart (CD)
Black Space Riders - Black Space Riders (CD)
Blackhawk - Greatest Hits Live (CD+DVD)
Blackmore's Night - Ghost Of A Rose (CD)
Blackmore‘s Night - Under A Violet Moon (CD)
Blackmore‘s Night - Shadow Of The Moon (CD)
Blackmore‘s Night - Fires At Midnight (CD)
Blackwater James - Blackwater James Vol. I (CD)
Blindside Blues Band - Raised On Rock (CD)
Blindside Blues Band - Rare Tracks (CD)
Blindside Blues Band - Smokehouse Sessions Volume Two (CD)
Blindstone - Rise Above (CD)
Blue Floyd - Live At the Birch Hill (3CD)
Blue Floyd - Live Keswick Thr, Pennsylvania 2000 (3CD)
Bolan, Marc - Twopenny Prince (2CD)
Bonamassa, Joe - Black Rock (LP)
Bonamassa, Joe - Black Rock (CD)
Bonamassa, Joe - Live From The Royal Albert Hall (2CD)
Boorer, Boz - Miss Pearl/My Wild Life (2CD)
Booze Bombs - Highly Intoxicating (CD)
Brew, The - Million Dead Stars (CD)
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The - Don't Mess With A Big Band (2CD)
Broken Teeth - Viva La Rock, Fantastico! (CD)
Brothers Of The Southland - Blue Sunrise (CD)
Brown, Oli - Heads I Win, Tails You Lose (CD)
Bruce, Jack - Things To Do Live In Denver (CD)
Buckcherry - All Night Long (CD)
Burgwächter, Till - Juhr Gait Tu Hewi Mettäl & Schmerztöter + Bonus Zeuchs (BUCH)
Cactus - Ultra Sonic Boogie 1971 (CD)
Camel - Opening Farewell 2003 Tour (DVD)
Cashbox - Iron Mountain Train (CD)
Chickenfoot - Get Your Buzz On Live From Phoenix (DVD)
Chris Duarte Group - Infinity Energy (CD)
Clapton, Eric - Clapton (CD)
Clapton, Eric - Crossroads-Festival 2010 (2DVD)
Clutch - Live At The 9:30 (DVD)
Clutch - From Beale Street To Oblivion (Re-Release Incl. Bonus CD) (2CD)
Clutch - Robot Hive / Exodus (Re-Release Incl. Bonus DVD) (CD+DVD)
Cochran, Stevie - 12 Reasons (CD)
Cochran, Stevie - The Next Stage (CD)
Cocker, Joe - Hard Knocks (CD)
Coerver, Tom - Wood, Wire, Vibes... & Slide (CD)
Coheed and Cambria - Year Of The Black Rainbow (CD)
Collins, Austin - Wrong Control (CD)
Copperhead - Copperhead (+Bonustrack) (CD)
Cora Lee - Nobody But You (MCD)
Corvus Corax - Cantus Buranus - Live In München (2CD)
Corvus Corax - Kaltenberg Anno MMX (CD)
Corvus Corax - Cantus Buranus - Live In München (DVD+2CD)
Cosmic Tribe - The Ultimate Truth About Love, Passion And Obsession (CD)
Cracker - Live At The Rockpalast Crossroads Festival (2CD+DVD)
Crashdiet - Generation Wild (CD)
Crippled Black Phoenix - I, Vigilante (CD)
Crystal Palace - Reset (CD)
Curfman, Shannon - What You‘re Getting Into (CD)
D.B. Bryant Band - Hard Knox Live (CD-R)
Das Pack - Das Pack (CD)
Deftones - Diamond Eyes (CD)
Derek Trucks Band - Roadsongs (2CD)
Devon Allman's Honeytribe - Space Age Blues (CD)
Die Happy - Red Box (CD)
Diesel Dust - 2nd Life (CD)
Dio - Dio At Donnington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 (2CD)
Dirty Sweet - American Spiritual (CD)
Dirty Sweet - American Spiritual LP (LP)
Diverse - Sounds Great 06 (CD)
Diverse - Pink Floyd - Greatest Hits Covered (2CD)
Diverse - Oklahoma Blues - Tribute to J.J. Cale (CD)
Diverse - The Best Of Ripsaw Records Vol.1 (CD)
Diverse - This Is The Blues Vol. 3 (CD)
Diverse - This Is The Blues Vol. 1 (CD)
Diverse - This Is The Blues Vol. 4 (CD)
Diverse - This Is The Blues Vol. 2 (CD)
Doors, the - Live In Vancouver (2CD)
Doro - The Doro/Warlock Collection [Box-Set] (3CD)
Downspirit - Point Of Origin (CD)
Doyle, Mark & The Maniacs - Comin' Home (CD)
Dr. Will - Speak Of The Devil (CD)
Drag Strip - Crushed (CD)
Drive-By Truckers - The Big To-Do (2LP+CD)
Drive-By Truckers - The Big To-Do (CD)
Dupré, James - It's All Happening (CD)
Earle, Justin Townes - Harlem River Blues (CD)
Edge of Forever - Another Paradise (CD)
Eisbrecher - Eiszeit (CD)
Eisbrecher - Eiszeit (Limited Edition) (CD)
Eldorado - Golden (CD)
Electric Mary - Down To The Bone (Special Edition) (CD)
Elephant Mountain - The Last Days of Planet Earth (CD)
Endless Boogie - Full House Head (2LP)
Endless Boogie - Full House Head (CD)
Erdmöbel - Krokus (CD)
Erickson, Craig - New Earth Blues (CD)
Extreme - Take Us Alive (2CD)
Fariborz, Arian - Rock The Kasbah - Popmusik und Moderne im Orient: Reportagen aus Ägypten, Algerien, Israel, Palästina, Libanon, Marokko und dem Iran. (BUCH)
Fear Factory - Mechanize (CD)
Filter - The Trouble With Angels (Ltd. Edition incl. 2 Bonus Tracks) (CD)
Foggy Mountain Rockers - Angel Heart (CD)
Foggy Mountain Rockers - Rock'n'Roll Philosophy (CD)
Foghat - Last Train Home (CD)
Foreigner - Can't Slow Down (Neuauflage) (2CD+DVD)
Foreigner - Can't Slow Down When It's Live (2CD)
Freestone, Peter & David Evans. - Freddie Mercury (BUCH)
Frei.Wild - Gegengift (CD)
Freischlader, Henrik - Tour 2010 live (2CD)
Gabriel, Peter - Scratch My Back (CD)
Gales, Eric - Relentless (CD)
Gallagher, Rory - The Beatclub Sessions (CD)
Gallagher, Rory - Ghost Blues - the Story of Rory Gallagher (2DVD)
Gamma Ray - To The Metal (CD)
Gebhardt, Gerd; Stark, Jürgen - Wem gehört die Popgeschichte? (BUCH)
Gervasi,Sacha - Anvil! - Die Geschichte einer Freundschaft (OmU) (DVD)
Ghost - Opus Eponymus (CD)
Ghost Riders - Too Many Skeletons in your Closet... (CD)
Ghost Town Blues Band - Dust The Dust (CD)
Gilbert, Brantley - Halfway To Heaven (CD)
Gillam,Tom - Better Than The Rest - An Anthology (CD)
Glyder - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (CD)
Godsmack - The Oracle (CD)
Gotthard - Heaven - Best Of Ballads - Part II (CD)
Gov't Mule - Dose/Life Before Insanity (2CD)
Gov't Mule - Mulennium (3CD)
Grateful Dead - Crimson, White & Indigo-Philadelphia,July 7,1989 [Box-Set] (3CD+DVD)
Greve, Bettina & Oestreicher, Hans L. - Leben mit Musik: 80 Jahre Schallplattengeschichte in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz (BUCH)
Greyhounds - Story Of Our Life (CD)
GuGun Power Trio - Far East Blues Experience (CD)
Gun - Gun (Remastered + 4) (CD)
Guy, Buddy - Living Proof (CD)
Hackett, Steve - Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth (CD)
Hackett, Steve - Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth - Special Edition (2CD)
Hackett, Steve - Spectral Mornings (DVD)
Hagen, Nina - Personal Jesus (CD)
Halfin, Ross - Metallica - Fotographien von Ross Halfin (BUCH)
Halford - Halford IV - Made of Metal (CD)
Hamm, Stuart - Just Outside The Normal (CD)
Hardbone - Dirty‘n‘Young (CD)
Hart, Beth - My California (CD)
Haudegen - Haudegen (MCD)
Hawkins, Vince & Company Slave - Vince Hawkins & Company Slave (CD)
Haynes, Warren - The Benefit Concert Vol. 3 (2CD)
Heartsfield - Here I Am (CD)
Heathen - The Evolution Of Chaos (CD)
Heaven & Hell - Neon Nights - Live At Wacken (CD)
Heaven & Hell - Neon Nights - Live At Wacken (DVD)
Helloween - 7 Sinners Ltd. Edition (2LP)
Helloween - 7 Sinners (CD)
Hellsingland Underground - Madness & Grace (CD)
Hellyeah - Stampede (CD)
Hendrix, Jimi - West Coast Seattle Boy (4CD+DVD)
Hendrix, Jimi - West Coast Seattle Boy (CD+DVD)
Hendrix, Jimi - West Coast Seattle Boy (DVD)
Hendrix, Jimi - BBC Sessions (Deluxe Edition) (2CD+DVD)
Hendrix, Jimi - Valleys of Neptune (CD)
Hendrix, Jimi - Blues (Deluxe Edition) (CD+DVD)
HFMC Hasse Fröberg Musical Companion - Future Past (CD)
Hiatt, John - The Open Road (CD)
Hill Country Revue - Zebra Ranch (CD)
HIM - Screamworks - Love In Theory And Practice (CD)
Holy Goats - Next Round (CD)
Honky Tonk Pounders - Devil Bop (CD)
Hot Rails, The - Single Entendre (CD)
Hughes, Glenn - Play Me Out (Digi Version + 5) (CD)
Humble Pie - Hot 'n' Nasty - Live (CD)
Hundred Seventy Split - The World Won't stop (CD)
Hunkins, Johnny - Talladega Pile-Up (CD)
Indigenous - The Acoustic Sessions (CD)
Interstate Blues - Red Was The Sky (CD)
Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier (CD)
Irwin, Colin - Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited: Ein Album schreibt Geschichte (BUCH)
Jackyl - When Moonshine & Dynamite Collide (CD)
Jane - Live In Concert (DVD)
Janey, BillyLee - Gimme Some Lightnin' (CD)
Janey, Bryce - Blues In My Soul (CD)
Jett, Joan & The Blackhearts - Greatest Hits (2CD)
Jimi Barbiani Band - Back On The Tracks (CD)
Jimmy Page, The Edge, Jack White - It Might Get Loud (DVD)
JJ Grey & Mofro - Georgia Warhorse (CD)
John, Elton & Russell, Leon - The Union (Ltd. Deluxe Ed.) (CD+DVD)
John, Elton & Russell, Leon - The Union (CD)
Johnny Lennartsson Group - Feel The Fire (CD)
Jon Olivia‘s Pain - Festival (lim. DigiPak) (CD)
Jones, Danko - Below the Belt (CD)
Jones, Danko - Below the Belt (Limited Edition + Bonus) (CD)
Jorn - Dio (CD)
Josh Abbott Band - She's Like Texas (CD)
Juli - In Love (CD)
Jungle Tigers - She's My Witch (Vinyl EP)
Kahanek, Brian - One True Thing (CD)
Kärbholz - Du bist König (MCD)
Keith Emerson Band - Moscow DVD (DVD)
Kettcar - Fliegende Bauten (live) (CD)
Kickhunter - All In (CD)
Kid Rock - Born Free (CD)
King Crimson - In The Wake Of Poseidon (Anniversary Edition) (CD+DVD)
Kings Of Leon - Come Around Sundown (CD)
Kings’ X - Live Love In London (2CD)
King’s X - Live Love In London (Limited Edition) (DVD+2CD)
King’s X - Live Love In London (DVD)
Klein, George - Elvis - Mein bester Freund (BUCH)
Klein, Tristan - Universal Mojo (CD)
Kneipenterroristen - Wir Fahr'n ans Kap (CD)
Korman, Gordon - Born To Rock (BUCH)
Krokus - Hoodoo (CD+DVD)
Krüger, Ulf - Star-Club - Der bekannteste Beat-Club der Welt (BUCH)
Labrie, James (Dream Theater) - Static Impuls (CD)
Lacrimosa - Schattenspiel (2CD)
Lake, Greg - From The Underground Vol.1 (CD)
Lake, Greg - From The Underground Vol. 2 (CD)
Landau/Ford/Haslip/Novak - Renegade Creation (CD)
Landenberger, Dieter (Porsche AG) - Porsche Sounds (3CD+BUCH)
Lee, Alvin - Keep On Rockin´ (2CD)
Letzte Instanz - Heilig (CD)
Lister, Aynsley - Tower Sessions (CD)
Little Caesar - Redemption (CD)
Loch, Siggi - Siggi Loch - Plattenboss aus Leidenschaft (BUCH)
Lopez, Lance - Salvation From Sundown (CD+DVD)
Lord Bishop Rocks - Peace Action 69 (CD)
Los Lonely Boys - Keep on Giving: Acoustic Live! (CD)
Loui Vetton - Postreggaeprecore (CD)
Lukather, Steve - All's Well That Ends Well (CD)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Live From Freedom Hall (CD+DVD)
Macdonald, Amy - A Curious Thing (CD)
Mad Sin - Burn And Rise (CD)
Maffay, Peter - Tattoos (CD)
Maffay, Peter - Tattoos (CD+DVD)
Malmsteen, Yngwie - Relentless (CD)
Mando Diao - MTV-Unplugged: Above And Beyond (CD)
Marillion - At High Voltage 2010 (2CD)
Masterplan - Time to be King Ltd. Edition (CD)
McCartney, Paul - Band On The Run (Remastered) (CD)
McKeon, Scott - Trouble (CD)
Mellencamp, John - No better than this (CD)
Melnick, Monte A. mit Frank Meyer - Auf Tour mit den Ramones (BUCH)
Metadone - Another Failure (CD)
Metallica, Slayer, Megadeath, Anthrax - The Big 4: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria (2DVD)
Metallica, Slayer, Megadeath, Anthrax - The Big 4: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria (Deluxe Edition) (2DVD+5CD)
Michael Schenker Group - Live in Tokio - The 30th Anniversary Concert DVD (DVD)
Mike McClure Band - Zero Dark 30 (CD)
Mike McClure Band - Halfway Out Of The Woods (CD)
Milestones - Devil In Me (CD)
Miller, Larry - Unfinished Business (CD)
Miller, Steve - Bingo (CD)
Ministry - Mixxxes Of The Mole (CD)
Ministry - Undercover (CD)
Moe. - Smash Hits Vol. 1 (CD)
Mojobone - Cowboy Mode (CD)
Molly Hatchet - Justice (CD)
Monster Magnet - Mastermind (Ltd Ed. + Bonustracks) (CD)
Monster Magnet - Mastermind (CD)
Motion Picture - Crazy Heart (DVD)
Motorpsycho - Heavy Metal Fruit (CD)
Motörhead - The World Is Yours (CD)
Mount Carmel - Mount Carmel (CD)
Mountain Of Power - Mountain Of Power - Vol. 2 (CD)
Mr. Fastfinger - Way Of The Exploding Guitar (CD)
Mustasch - Mustasch (CD)
Nazareth - Greatest Hits (Rem. + Bonustracks) (CD)
Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog (Rem. + Bonustracks) (CD)
Nazareth - No Mean City (Rem. + Bonustracks) (CD)
Nazareth - Expect No Mercy (Rem. + Bonustracks) (CD)
Nazareth - Malice In Wonderland (Rem. + Bonustracks) (CD)
Nazareth - Rampant (Rem. + Bonustracks) (CD)
Nazareth - The Fool Circle (Rem. + Bonustracks) (CD)
Nazareth - Close Enough For Rock'N'Roll / Play 'N' The Game (CD)
Nazareth - Loud 'N' Proud (Rem. + Bonustracks) (CD)
Neil, Vince - Tattoos And Tequila (CD)
Nelson, Willie - Country Music (CD)
Nervous Breakdown - Dirty Beats (CD)
New Model Army - Anthology (2CD+3DVD)
New Model Army - Anthology (2CD)
Niemann, Jerrod - Judge Jerrod & the Hung Jury (CD)
Night Horse - Perdition Hymns (LP)
Night Horse - Perdition Hymns (CD)
Normahl - JongR (CD)
Normahl - JongR (DVD+CD)
Normahl - Das ist Punk (CD)
Norum, John - Play Yard Blues (CD)
Nuaura - Bleeding (CD)
Oceansize - Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up (CD)
Oomph - Truth Or Dare (CD)
Osbourne, Ozzy - Scream 2LP (2LP)
Osbourne, Ozzy - Scream (CD)
Osti, Dirty Dave - Voodoo Guitar (CD)
Pell, Axel Rudi - One Night Live (DVD)
Petty, Tom - Mojo (CD)
Phish - Live At The Legendary Alpine Valley Music Theatre (2DVD&2CD)
Pitts, Joe - Ten Shades of Blue (CD)
Plant, Robert - Band Of Joy (CD)
Popa Chubby - The Fight Is On (CD)
Popa Chubby - The Essential Popa Chubby (CD)
Popa Chubby - The Fight Is On LP (LP)
Popovic, Ana - An Evening At Transimeno Lake (DVD)
Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize (DVD)
Powder Mill - Money, Marbles and Chalk (CD)
Preacher Stone - Uncle Buck’s Vittles (CD)
Pretty Maids - Pandemonium (CD)
Railroad Earth - Same (CD)
Red Hot Chilli Pipers - First Album (CD)
Red Hot Chilli Pipers - Music for the kilted generation (CD)
Red Sparowes - Fear Is Excrusiating, But Therein Lies The Answer (DigiPak) (CD)
Revivalists - Vital Signs (CD)
Revolting Cocks - Got Cock? (CD)
Richards, Keith & Fox, James - Life (BUCH)
Rieth, Michael - Horst Lippmann: Ein Leben für Jazz, Blues und Rock (BUCH)
Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe 2 (CD)
Robert Johnson’s Soul - Robert Johnson’s Soul (CD)
Rock Classics Nr. 2 - Ramones - 35 Jahre Punk-Kult: Das Sonderheft (Zeitschrift)
Rock Classics Nr. 3 - Metallica - Die Giganten des Metal - Das Sonderheft (Zeitschrift+)
Rock Classics Nr. 4 - Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath - Die heilige Dreifaltigkeit des Rock - Das Sonderheft (ZEITSCHRIFT)
Rockford Mules, The - Ma They Broke Me (CD)
Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street (Remastered) - Deluxe Edition (2CD)
Rolling Stones - Ladies And Gentlemen...THE ROLLING STONES (DVD)
Rucker, Darius - Charleston, SC 1966 (CD)
Rush - Beyond The Lighted Stage (2DVD)
Russell, Ethan A. - Let It Bleed: Die Rolling Stones, Altamont und das Ende der 60er Jahre (Buch)
Saint Jude - Diary Of A Soul Fiend (CD)
Santana - Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time (CD)
Sardinas, Eric - Eric Sardinas & Big Motor Live (DVD)
Satriani, Joe - Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards (CD)
Satriani, Joe - Live In Paris: I Just Wanna Rock (2CD)
Savatage - Still The Orchestra Plays (Greatest Hits Vol.1 & 2) 2CD (2CD)
Savoy Brown - Train To Nowhere (2CD)
Sayce, Philip - Innerevolution (CD)
Schuffert, Steve - Destination Anywhere (CD)
Scorpions - Sting In The Tail (CD)
Scorpions - Icon 2 (2CD)
Selig - Von Ewigkeit Zu Ewigkeit (CD)
Serj Tankian - Elect the Dead Symphony (CD)
Serj Tankian - Elect the Dead Symphony (Deluxe Edition) (CD+DVD)
Seven The Hardway - Seven The Hardway (CD)
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne - Live! In Chicago (CD)
Sideburn - The Demon Dance (CD)
Sieber, Guido & Dobler, Franz - Rock'n'Roll Fever (BUCH)
Siena Root & as-Sayf - Kaleidoskop - Live At ROJ (DVD)
Sister Hazel - Heartland Highway (CD)
Skunk Anansie - Wonderlustre (CD)
Skunk Anansie - Wonderlustre (Ltd. Edition) (CD+DVD)
Skunk Anansie - Wonderlustre (LP)
Slash - Slash (CD)
Slash - Slash 2LP (2LP)
Smoke Blow - The Record (limited Edition) (2CD)
Smoke Blow - The Record (CD)
Snew - We Do What We Want (CD)
Soundgarden - Telephantasm (CD)
Soundgarden - Telephantasm: A Retrospective Ltd. Deluxe Edition (2CD+DVD)
Sourmash - Fine Aged Spirits (CD)
Southall, Brian - Beatles Memorabilia - The Julian Lennon Collection (Bildband) (BUCH)
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes - Pills And Ammo (CD)
Spitz, Marc - David Bowie - Die Biografie (BUCH)
Spock's Beard - X (CD)
Springsteen, Bruce - London Calling: Live in Hyde Park (2DVD)
Stahlmann - Stahlmann (limitiertes Digipak) (CD)
Stahlmann - Stahlmann (CD)
Steckel, Eric - Milestone (CD)
Steel Wheels, The - Red Wing (CD)
Steepwater Band - The Stars Look Good Tonight (EP) (MCD)
Stone Axe - Stone Axe II (CD)
Stone Temple Pilots - Stone Temple Pilots (CD)
Stonewall Noise Orchestra - Sweet Mississippi Deal (CD)
Stooges - You Don't Want My Name You Want My Action (4CD)
Stooges - Extended Play (CD+DVD-AUDIO)
Stranger - Rock Solid (CD)
Stürmer, Christina - Nahaufnahme (CD)
Subway To Sally - Nackt II (DVD+CD)
Suede Brothers - The Night (CD)
Sugar Mountain - Love Unique (CD)
Sweetkiss Momma - Revival Rock (CD)
Sword, The - Warp Riders (CD)
Taking Dawn - Time to Burn (CD)
Tankian, Serj - Imperfect Harmonies (CD)
Tarja - What Lies Beneath (CD)
Taylor, Joanne Shaw - Diamonds In The Dirt (CD)
Taz Taylor Band - Big Dumb Rock (CD)
Tesla - Alive in Europe (CD)
Texas Hippie Coalition - Rollin' (CD)
The Len Price 3 - Pictures (CD)
The Unwinding Hours - The Unwinding Hours (CD)
The Very End - Vs. Life (CD)
Theis, Marc - Scorpions - Bildband (BUCH)
Thunder - Live At The BBC (1990 - 1995) 6 CD-Box (CD-Box)
Thunder - 20 Years And Out live (2CD)
Thunderhead - Thunderhead ྇ (CD)
Tocotronic - Schall Und Wahn (CD)
Tognoni, Rob - Rock'n'Roll Live (2CD)
Triple Seven - Unleashed (CD)
Trout, Walter - Common Ground (CD)
Trower, Robin - A Tale Untold: the Chrysalis Years (1973-1976) (3CD)
Trower, Robin - The Playful Heart (CD)
Turner, Steve - The Beatles - A Hard Day's Write: Die Storys zu allen Songs (Buch)
UFO - Let It Roll (Box-Set) (CD-Box)
Unheilig - Große Freiheit (CD)
Urban, Keith - Get Closer (CD)
Uriah Heep - Equator (25th Anniversary Expanded) (CD)
Uriah Heep - Live On Air (CD)
V8 Wankers - Foxtail Testimonial (LP)
V8 Wankers - Hell on wheels (LP)
V8 Wankers - Foxtail Testimonial (CD)
V8 Wankers - The Demon Tweak LP (+Poster) (LP)
Vai, Steve - Where the OTHER Wild Things Are (CD)
Vampire Weekend - Contra (CD)
Vdelli - Take A Bite (CD)
Velvet Revolver - Live In Houston (DVD)
Volbeat - Beyond Hell / Above Heaven (CD)
W.I.N.D. - Walkin' In A New Direction (CD)
Walendowski, Werner - Cliff Richard & the Shadows - eine internationale Bilderbuchkarriere (BUCH)
Watkinson, Mike & Anderson, Pete - Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (BUCH)
Western Spaghetti - Luky Linetti presents…The Western Spaghetti (CD)
Whigs, The - In The Dark (CD)
White Cowbell Oklahoma - Viva Live Locos: Alive At The Burg Herzberg Festival (CD)
White, Tony Joe - Live in Amsterdam (CD+DVD)
Who, The - Live At Leeds (Deluxe Edition) (2CD)
Widespread Panic - Dirty Side Down (CD)
Widespread Panic - Live In The Classic City II (2CD)
Willie Stradlin - 1000 Miles Away (CD)
Wilson, Gretchen - Greatest Hits (CD)
Wilson, Gretchen - I Got Your Country Right Here (CD)
Wino - Adrift (CD)
Winter, Johnny - Live Bootleg Series Vol. 6 (Remastered) (CD)
Wir Sind Helden - Bring mich nach Hause (CD)
Wiser Time - Beggars And Thieves (CD)
Wolf People - Steeple (CD)
Wolfe, Todd - The Todd Wolfe Band Live (DVD)
Wood, Ronnie - I Feel Like Playing (CD)
Wumpscut - Siamese (CD)
Wumpscut - Siamese (Limited Edition) (CD+DVD)
Year Long Disaster - Black Magic; All Mysteries Revealed (CD)
Year Long Disaster - Black Magic; All Mysteries Revealed LP (LP)
Young, Neil - Le Noise (CD)
Zac Brown Band - You Get What You Give (CD)
Zac Brown Band - You Get What You Give (Deluxe Edition) (CD)
Zac Brown Band - Pass the Jar: Live from the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta (2CD+DVD)
Zappa, Dweezil - Return Of The Son Of... (2CD)
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